Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


2 years ago, and struggled to get a game since. Plus there are many many ? marks. I am not saying don’t use pick 11, I am saying we don’t have enough information to ■■■■■ the risk on whether he is worth using pick 11 for. Either do you.


Struggled to get a game?


how many vfl games did he play. 3-4 maybe.


But no money left in it supposedly, …


Missed 7 senior games


Wow wee. He got injured in 2017. Must be crap!


Wasn’t judging. I want us to take him. Just putting the info out there.


Sorry, but the original response was to the statement Stringer has been struggling for a game since 2015.

He has played 39 games and kicked 66 goals.

Some people just make ■■■■ up.


His coach wants to get rid of him because of performance or personality issues.

2015 to 2017:
His disposal count has dropped 14.3 to 12.4
Goals 2.5 to 1.5
Tackles 2.7 to 1.8
Games 22 to 16

That’s dropped him back to his 2nd year performance. He clearly has talent, his year wasn’t disastrous, but it was bad enough that the coach has booted him.



Isnt this all about OUR club backing itself to get the very best out of Stringer?

Do that, and hes in our top bracket of players.


He has plenty of credits in the bank, but it’s still risky.

They’re credits in a Greek bank, or US major bank 8-10 years ago, if you will.


Which are all indisputable facts.

But as others have said.

Enormous upper end talent. Has delivered on said talent in 2015 and he plays for a coach who may be a very very very flawed genius.

Bevo has ■■■■■■ ALOT of people off.


I think we aren’t too far off each other. I think we can use the situation as leverage. Talk up the risks. Get a better deal.

The dogs will be taking your position and asking for more.


To be fair I should have said struggled to perform at anywhere near that level since, and was actually dropped to the VFL at time. “Struggling to get a game” was stretching it I admit.


Coach questioning his commitment. Team mates saying he doesn’t train hard enough. Gambling issues, off feild issues etc. I am not saying don’t use pick 11. I am saying its not as clear cut as many here are making it out to be, the recruitment staff would want to be confident and be asking a whole lot of questions about his commitment to the game. Plus do a lot of research behind the scenes before over committing to what is a risky prospect. We only have part the information they would. Also we need to consider they might have that pick lined up for another player, or some talent in the draft.


I think everyone would acknowledge that if we’ve got pick #11 lined up for another use, then that is fine not to use it in the Stringer trade! :wink: But there are risks around all draftees, and I do think Stringer’s upside means he’s worth the risk.


Xavior and Dodoro have both been vocal about trading since the completion of the season.

I think we have something sneaky up our sleeves.


What happened to cgates? I missed being told we have NFI what disco does and how ■■■■ the coaches are.


It’s so sneaky and black ops not even the regular insiders have any idea who it could be. That way when trade weeks done and there is no trade they can go ‘we never had one’ instead ‘we failed’.

Unless it’s Sloan, Wines or Somebody like that it’s a bullshit promise IMHO.


It’s time to believe Nocturnal.

It’s time.


We’ll get elite VFL midfielder Anthony Miles. Nobody else would want him, but he would be a walk up start to our midfield.