Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


Would be happy with Miles just need him to extract the pill which he’s very good at to the likes of Parish,Merret,Zaka,Heppel.


Parish won’t need anyone extracting the pill for him!


Would we rather Parish extracting or delivering down the ground given his superior foot skills


I think Parish suits that 2nd stage at a contest,between extractors and outside run.


What’s the latest, mate?


I would prefer him be the extractor.

Parish has better vision and creativity than execution.

I also see him similar to Shuey; a player who can win first possession but also physically take the football into space.

I think in time he will be a high value / effective clearance player.


Who are we talking about?


It’s a secret.




Well, I was slightly exaggerating. At least from a Blitz perspective.

S_K has been on for a while intimating that the club is about to recruit his son as a Category B rookie. He is meant to be tall, indigenous, but with no Aussie Rules background. The club is meant to have done the deal, its just a matter of when its announced. Which has been pushed back a number of times.


okay, thanks Ants


Much appreciated, cheers.

And all the best for your lad.


If dodoro does get an jnr gonna rip his ■■■■ off


All the best S_K


I’ll take that piece of advice on board. :slight_smile:


I’m going very early here but this could be our biggest off-season ever.

Get it all done Dodoro.


Oh… look at those 12 eggs that will surely all produce chickens.



Will be.


Let’s hope so.

Bringing in one or two high quality players could give the whole group confidence.