Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


I wonder which year is current title holder?


Hard to go past the year we stole Hawthorn premiership player Shotgun Williams.


still remember going to a vfl game at windy hill where there was a guy basically heckling him the entire game. 2 hours of “YOURE A HACK WILLIAMS! YOURE USELESS!!!”


It wasn’t me I swear


2015 was a big offseason, must of been 20+ new guys.

Was quantity over quality though, Bringing in the sublimely talented polkinghorne and grimely.


The good old days


A lot of people here saying that this will be our biggest trade period ever.

Out of the 17 years that Dodoro has been the list/recruiting manager name one big fish that Dodoro has actually traded into Essendon? BJ doesn’t count as he wasn’t a trade but a free agent.

History says we won’t get a big fish.


that’s the spirit.


History says Essendon will talk Andrew Mackie out of retirement, and that’s about it.


Well, yes, that’s why it would be our biggest trade period ever. If we routinely traded in big name players, doing it again wouldn’t be noteworthy.


What are you talking about, Dodoro list manager/recruiting manager for 17 years. It’s only 9 years, Sheedy made all the calls before that.

Read Tim Watson’s book " The Jigsaw Man", Noel Judkins was overruled on 2 picks. Judkins chose Chris Heffernan at #2, wanted Max Hudghton at #5, but Sheedy wanted Daniel McAllister “but Kevin he’ll be there at #60” Sheedy got his way.

Judkins wanted Byron Pickett at #66 but Sheedy got his way re-drafted Paul Hills, who never came back. Must have forgotten to ask him if he wanted to play.

The other pearler was Sheedy wanted Martin Pike but new CEO Peter Jackson told him there was no room in the salary cap. All Sheedy’s were a complete surprise to Judkins. The relationship never recovered.


Should have been turfed out on his ■■■■ in the gutter.


I counted exactly one person that has said that.


This will be our biggest trade period ever.


Mcalister was so good we drafted him twice


You don’t say…


stringer and smith. amazing


6 games in 6 seasons.

Set the trend for holding onto players well beyond their use-by date.


One domino down

Dodoro going to make 2017 trade period his ■■■■■


It’s that time again…