Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


How many jackets??



Essendon list manager Adrian Dodoro avoids the cameras
In light of the news that Greater Western Sydney small forward Devon Smith has nominated Essendon as his club of choice, Adrian Dodoro didn’t want to face the cameras outside Etihad Stadium there.

It’s understandable, considering the Bombers are yet to officially announce that Smith has chosen them.

He took a step out of the lift to exit Etihad Stadium, but upon seeing media waiting for a chat, Dodoro promptly stepped back in.

Talent spotters are crawling all over Docklands today with the NAB AFL Draft Combine on.

From Trade talk feed.


Hahaha Jackets. Playing 4D chess with media.


Treating the media with contempt!

Is their anything he cant do.


Jackets owning trade week and it hasn’t even started yet


Not counting the chickens until these trades are actually locked away, but Smith and Stringer would be great gets on footy talents.




Are we still sacking him?


This, and add Saad to the collection if what we’re hearing is true




Just stop it Dodo you are killing me hahaha


SSSpongy floorSSS


Good call by @benfti, in 2014.


We are threatening it… he works better under pressure.


I reckon Saad is a bit different to the other two, in that he isn’t the greatest footy talent.

Has some good attributes to be an important role player though.


This is what the opposition see:



This year, I got into the U18s more than ever before.

I watched so many Champs and TAC Cup replays.

Now we’re being nominated by every man and his dog, and it looks like we’ll go in with pick 46 or something as our first live pick???

FFS Adrian! An earlier heads up would have been nice!


You’re just getting in early for when this year’s crop nominate us in 2 years time.


We go to the draft and get Cassidy Parish