Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


I hope so! The inside bull we need then we’re set!


If we pull this off and get Saad Stringer and Smith whilst keeping 11.

Will be unbelievable.


Address midfield needs - Stringer and Smith - tick
add rebounding defender as requested by coach - Saad - tick
Add class to team to replace loss of Watson, Stanton and Kelly - tick
Confirm Essendon as a destination club even though people rubbished him when he said it a couple of weeks ago - TICK.

Great start to off season by the club. Hopefully we get through the next couple of weeks not needing to give up too much to secure the trades


Dodoro: we’re really more of a draft and develop club
we’re going after Stringer though
um, and Devon Smith might be available
…and Adam Saad?


Dodoro got the thousand yard stare going because hes not able to draft talls/utilities from good families…


Perfect storm really at the moment

  • strong club
  • experienced coach
  • best facilities
  • big games
  • huge cap space
  • playing finals
  • great young list on the rise

Most would want to nominate us if we want them, 3 in one day is pretty epic though!

Hopefully this is the way it goes for us for next few years.

Woosh won’t be shy in cutting/moving on players not part of plans, and obviously given Dodoro task of going after particular types as well.

EFC juggernaut happening

B&F will be going off tonight!


Basically we need to obtain these picks to get it all done in the one year:
1 pick between 15 and 20
2 picks in the 20s.

I think it’s achievable. If we get really lucky turning 11 into 2 picks but unlikely. I would look at trading out some guys that have some value to other clubs but not essential to our needs. Colyer (every club wants outside pace now especially with Richmond winning the flag) and luenberger (maybe to gws) are the two that could get us a pick in the 20s possibly. If we have to get rid of a young player out of langford, laverde or Francis I’d get rid of laverde, strictly because his potential role of third tall is covered by Stewart and no idea if he’d make it as a mid.


Clubs gone full beast mode.


He did the just one more thing too


I like your post but no ones gonna take collyer and luey


I know that trading the 2018 picks is fast becoming sacrilege, but IF that draft is so highly rated there is no reason we can’t capitalise on that by extracting maximum value from our potential picks then. I.e. we trade our 2018 first rounder for 2 late first rounders/early second rounders this year.

It may well be a stacked draft pool in 2018, but they’re unlikely to help us with our window which opens as Parish/McGrath begin to make a significant impact but Hooker/Hurley are still contributing.


Dodoro and EFC have gone full Football Manager mode.


Alrighty… I’m backing him in.

Dodoro to get Stringer and Smith and Saad without having to use this years first rounder or next years first rounder.

Watch the magic happen.


Lol no chance. Hope I’m wrong but!


I said it another thread. If we land all three. We all need to chip in and get him a custom made jacket.


Can we get all 3? Does he have enough jackets?


A jacket with multiple collars and cuffs that looks like you are wearing 4 x jackets.


That is baggy enough that you can still wear other jackets underneath it.


I’ve listened to Dic*heads like Barrett and Wallace say the 3 are going to nominate us but have any actually been confirmed by their managers that we are their chioce’s?


Smith was confirmed by GWS according to an article on I believe.