Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


last year was the year to do that!


Dodoro’s chance to win trade week and also loose the ‘hard to deal with’ tag.


Making more deals than Tony Montana.



This is why this thread turned from ‘props’ to show us the evidence he is any good as a recruiter.



Interesting comment from Buckenara article

Post Sheedy club was transitioning/rebuilding with Knights in charge, then we got Hird & TRB which saw Goddard select us … then the saga happened.

Pretty clear why our attempts to lure players over the years been a battle. All changing now

7. Who are the worst clubs to deal with and why?

Essendon. You could never really get a straight answer out of the Bombers, particularly when Kevin Sheedy was coach.

He was a great coach but he treated the trade period like a game – he’d talk in riddles and change his mind. A lot of clubs actually didn’t want to do deals with Essendon or get involved in any deals that they were involved in because they’d fall over at the last minute after Sheedy changed his mind or they changed their mind as a club.

That used to occur a fair bit a while back. I don’t think clubs appreciated that and while they’re better now, there was definitely a period where clubs avoided them and it affected the Bombers on the field because they couldn’t get involved in the trade period.

Even when they were serious about a deal no club took them seriously. It was like the Boy Who Cried Wolf.


at least he’s given some info to back up why we’re hard to deal with and you’d think based on that, the reputation should be disappearing…or hopefully does over the next week.


We cant afford to play games- get in there and get it done.


1st, 2nd, next year’s 2nd and walk away…




The Fark does that mean?


Good question, I wondered that too


Most likely hinting at the fact that all three players are leaving under unusual circumstances.

Stringer - basically sacked. Not a lot of clubs interested.

Saad - Departing for family/religious reasons.

Smith - Under injury cloud. i.e. concern with knee.


In reality it is because they have enormous salary cap issues


Yep, that too.