Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


Let’s hope he excels. Good luck kid for joining the bombers.


Volleyball and Soccer background like Draper.


Questioning life choices - I’ve just spend four minutes watching a youtube of this guy filmed by his mother.


Draper and Lavender.
AFL in 2 years will issue us with an E.R.I

Experimental Rucking Infridgement.


Is this the one with a family connection to a Blitzer?


Agree, a football club cant go around playing games…


It is pretty clear that the Club have, from the board down, decided to change its list strategy. I don’t think we will be unreasonable on any trade, if anything we have created a media perception by putting pick 11 on the table, that we are more than willing to be reasonable. This will be handy if WB dig their heels in.


look up…

edit: oops. wrong thread, my bad… here: #40 Luke Lavender - NewLAV!


Essendon’s new strategy. Only trade in parseltongue. Ssssss…


Grampa: Have you ever read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”?
Bart: I glanced at it.
Boy cries wolf, has a few laughs… I forget how it ends.


Dodoro is not so bad. It could be worse.


Credit when credit is due, the Smith trade is excellent work & its not even reliant on Smith having a standout year. These are exactly the types of trades I’ve said are possible every year (saga not withstanding) so I am thrilled to see it come to fruition.


Still waiting for the articles pointing out Bulldogs should get the trade done and stop messing with Jake Stringers well being/emotional state. Let the kid move on to bigger and better things.


All this rubbish is pay back by the Doggies. Let him go so he and you can move on.


Just back from another successful sortie above the Gold Coast, long time Bomber recruiting Ace, Adrian Dodoro, has had a long list of ‘kills’ to his name. But there’s no time for rest, he’s hoping for at least one more “jacket” in his 2017 trading campaign.


How many years is Jackets signed for? We may need to extend his contract after this year.

He looks like he is loving life at the moment too!


i would think hed just be on payroll. also worth noting that he doesent need to work at Essendon if he doesent want to. he is extremely wealthy from property development and his cafe does a roaring trade.


Paid in outerwear not dollars


Has been too long in the club. What has he ever done. Time to go, Dodo. Absolutely useless. Club is farked. Embracing mediocrity for 17 years. Sitting on his hands. Toxic. Get serious, Essington.


U mad bro?