Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000




For me, yess really.


lol did you just confirm my point?


No, IT because I was not being sarcastic.

I always go by tone of voice.


People lack the ability to determine sarcasm.


Yes they do, I agree, however it’s much easier to pick up when face to face and you can pick up the tone of voice.


ME I was being sarcastic in my responses to you as a joke.


'* may not be good at jokes.


All good IT, I didn’t realise you were being sarcastic thought you were just asking/saying.


Think we just had a “Who’s on first base?” moment here on Blitz.


Because on Blitz one poster’s sarcasm is another poster’s gospel truth.


I just assume it’s all sarcasm unless specifically stated.


I blame the advent of /s




Does Jackets ever sleep?


He can sleep with the fishes if he doesn’t get Jake over the line


You are Paul Connors.




Props for mine.


Gonna do a GoFundMe to buy him this