Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000




WTF Disco. 2 minutes without a trade. FFS.



Not playing poker with this guy


He is now Donedoro.



Hells yeah Disco! Big time delivery!!


Amazing work to get all three done.


@Bomb Doe i think we know what need to be done here.


Disco was inspired by…


■■■■ the haters!!!


I’m still not sold on his drafting, but damn he kills it at the trade table.


So when is the unexpected going to happen?


Ironically which was the reverse of my concerns!

My big issue has been bringing in trades at a (relatively) low cost that have big upside. I think he’s turned that trend around this trade period.


The SSS’s is the type of trades that Hawks did in their flag years


Yep, very shrewd additions.

Didn’t sell the farm but got three young players with lots of upside. If everything clicks next year we can’t be beaten.


Dodo has good hair.


Best thing about this trade period is we retained our crop of players and added elite players.

Big difference from media reports 2 years ago about mass exodus.

Wilson should be sacked


I remember the good ol’ days in the mid 2000’s when it was all about sacking Dodoro, done well to turn it around.


Not sure that JBomber will recant though


Well done jackets