Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


That is a little false. We didn’t “lose” Pick 25, it was on-traded to the Dogs from GWS.

Net Gain:

GWS 2018 2nd Rounder

Net Loss:

Pick 11
Pick 30
2018 2nd Round Pick
2018 3rd Round Pick

Massive win. I called for Jackets to be booted if he stuffed this trade period up. Probably our most important for a good 15-20 years and he well and truly delivered. Well done Disco!


Disco pulling out the vl Calais




If u look at it in iso:
2018 2nd for GWS 2018 2nd - reckon it’s close to str8 swap. Will both finish top 6.
11 for stringer - maybe slightly overs but realistically very fair and a big win for EFC
30 for Smith - win for EFC, potential a very very big win if his body holds up!
2018 3rf rounder for Saad - huge win for EFC. Massive

Honestly pumped! What a massive trade period. Can see this written about for years when we win a flag… huge.


Its a forum mate, you could talk about other things than how ■■■■ the coaches are and how nice dodoro smells.


How good is it we didn’t get a bunch of old injury prone c*nts for once


Masten so close.


He’s a Woosha favorite too


I now know why it took Dodoro 20 years to land a decent trade.

He was carefully calculating for this trade period to play out exactly as planned.


Dodoro > Sonny Weaver Jnr


Dodoro doesn’t sleep. He waits.
Dodoro counted to infinity. Twice.
Dodoro once beat the sun in a staring contest.
Dodoro once had a fight with superman. The only rule was that the loser had to wear their underpants over their pants.
Dodoro refers to himself in the fourth person.


Are you saying that Dodorro plays the long game?


Jimmy Fallon - Dodoro


Also props need to go to Xavier love this guy running our club.


Best trader in the AFaiL by a long, long way. Has shown utter brilliance this season. l won’t be surprised if there is some serious fallout in the kennel after the way they have handled the Stringer saga. Jackets by comparison has been as steadfast as Uluru, and cool as ice, never shaken, never stirred, simply stuck to his plan because he knew it would work.


Next year we go after a FA mid


Where’s the Sloane thread?


I wasn’t up for trade/


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