Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000



We got all the players. Thanks for coming.


The best is yet to come.


Great work Disco!

I’ve been a critic of his ability to close deals, but I reckon we’ve cleaned up this trade period. Would’ve loved Rockliff considering he was the standout clearance player available, but getting three talented players whose best football is ahead of them is a great effort.

Feeling very bullish about next year. We’re going to be a great team to watch.


First live pick is 48 now. Nothing to lose. Do your magic Dodoro


Media: Essendon will have a tough task on their hands. Will need to dig deep into the draft picks. Use next years 1st too.

Disco: Hold my jackets boys. Game on! Let me show you how it’s done.


Jackets to get in contact with Darren Bewick

Jackets “Got any more players you can hide for us to take in the draft Darren?”


Incredible work from Disco, amazing outcome. I’ve also got a lot of faith he will bring in some gold with the later picks, seems to really enjoy playing in that space.


Fantasia with 55.

In Jackets we trust


What are you going to do when it’s all over mate?


Nothing lols


There’s not a single game I can see us losing.


I find it ironic that the Doggies were the only side to beat us in 2000 and now they have provided us with the player that makes us unbeatable.


Realise it is sarcastica… but I think we will go into every game feeling like we are a better than even chance of winning.

Best List we have had in many years and some really hungry/strong leaders as well… You never know but it could be the start of something really special.

I’m full lid off for 2018… in fact the lid is somewhere in the pacific right now


Nah, I’m with you man. To be fair - I always think we’re ‘a chance’.I’m a very positive person - because I farking HATE losing. No point in me feeling bad before time.
But yes - this is really exciting. A nice balanced team, that is almost perfectly aged. We will need a few to come on in the 2’s, or trade further to get there though.


The trading of our first for Smith and picks was a masterstroke. It put WB in a corner when that pick was out of the equation. Trading next year’s second meant that we couldn’t trade next year’s first either, so we really forced their hand. Great work Disco.


With these three new players, BIGLAV, improvement in our younger players and the ones that are yet to debut we have a very high quality list.

I cant see us losing a game.

There is no lid anymore.

Great week to be a Bomber Fan


The media have it wrong yet again, the hardest part of the task has already been achieved. Regardless of who we pick up in the draft now, they will be icing to the SSS cake.


He probably just drafted him because he has a mad name though.




This made me laugh, a quote from a Footscray mate on our AFL group chat.

We just got screwed by a bloke who wears 8 jackets and then as we were pulling our pants up, SOS dived in and finished us off.
■■■■■■■ Monkeys