Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000



Maybe. Not that you’d say no to a steal or anything, but I’m actually thinking we might not entirely need one by next years end.


Does this mean Collingwood get another plastic trophy?


But @Deckham, they picked up that player that I can’t remember the name of! They’ll get a fibre glass trophy now.


Always knew he could do it! :wink::smirk:

Like I said earlier, credit when its due & its absolutely due. Excellent work & exactly what the club needed to do to re-emerge from a long period of inaction. No idea if this was driven from the coach, board or if Disco was finally able to break free from the shackles of Sheedy but its a definite shift is the mindset of the club & something I have hoped for for a loooooong time. Nobody here is happier than me to see us embrace trading with this much vigour.


Well we can just rename the facilities at Tullamarine the Dodoro Jackets Center.


Nah, just slightly modify the only realistic option presented from the club and call it: The Coat Hanger.

Where Jackets rests when not owning trade week.


He’s copped the heat the whole way through so he deserves the credit for these results.

Props due and given to Adrian, could not have done any more.

Amazing trade period for us, not sure we’ve seen anything even close (from EFC) over the last 15 years.

The saga is probably as over as its ever going to be and the club has just sent a shot across the bow of every other club in the comp.



Dogs and their fans need to grow up a bit, I think they had 2 solid wins, and 1 loss.

Lost a good player, got a reasonable player in Crozier, and a good prospect in schache, plus a late first rounder. Not much wrong with that.


The dogs don’t have a second round pick this year or next.






Was he trying to tell us something a couple years back? It was THREE jackets he was wearing in that pic wasn’t it? I can see him getting around in Disco Stu’s jacket tonight! He’s done a superb job these last 5 years IMO. Loved the aggressive approach this year, think we will see the benefits in 2018. Very exciting!


And Trengrove


Dodoro mic 3


No idea where he fits into the process, but it would appear our new pro scout’s doing his job quite well. Even if he did used to work at north.


Need to get Dodoro’s face on a gif from the this…

One. One trade. Ha ha ha.
Two. Two trade. Ha ha ha.
Three. Three trade. Ha ha ha.


So three walk up starts in most sides for 2 2017 draft picks and one second next year?

All likely with 6 years of good footy in them.


Oh and and upgrade to our 2018 third thrown in for good measure.


Jackets is now immortal
Take a bow son