Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


In 2 years time there will be no argument between who won this trade period between us and Port Adelaide.


Now is the time to lock up McGrath for 4 or 5 years.


There is no argument now.
Watts is soft
Mottlop turns up for 2 games a year.
Rocky is just ok,


Jackets Dodoro. You’ve put up with a lot from fans and supporters, unfairly and largely due to circumstances outside of your control. This list looks like a flag threat soon. When it happens I hope all of us look back on your work over the last number of years and acknowledge your great work. I hope you’re with us for a long time to come.


BTW, does anyone know if he’s aware of the “Jackets” moniker?


Indeed he does.


Didn’t Cal Twomey call him ‘Jackets’ in an interview?


Does he think it’s funny?


we get at least five years of opposition trying to take Stringer down after McG has already run off with the handball receive


I think it could easily be the other way around too.

The new hot is inside outside mids.


That’s brilliant :smile:


It’s fair to say if we.could we would.


“Hawthorn are the master at trade week, they just get the job done”

“Hold my jacket”


Dodoro lands Sheedys big fish!


I’m pretty sure the efc Twitter has made reference to the jackets thing, so probably well known at the club


Does anyone still have a copy of the jackets photo?


I have had to read so many ■■■■-weak posts from Blitzers this trade season…

Posts saying “…just give them 11 straight up…just give them the 2018 first…get it done in the first hour of trade period…we’re gonna stuff this up…FFS, just get it done…Geelong and Hawthorn don’t stuff around like this…wah, wah, wah…”

It annoys me that I forget who these limp wooses are. I wish I could block them, just so I remember that I don’t rate their opinion.

If anyone wants to put together a quote highlights package of the worst calls of trade period, then I guarantee that you will receive my LIKE.

Rant over and out!


He kept next years first round and landed the 3S…
What a star!!!


Happily put my hand up for a block.

They were usually much better calls than ‘I don’t want Stringer anymore because he hasn’t sent us flowers yet’