Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


you broke into Dodoro’s house??.


Hes the Scrooge McDuck of jackets. Has a gigantic saferoom where he swims in jackets


More like Godoro


YUp, forgot him. Two reasonable players, a good prospect, and take two first rounders in a month. Handy haul.


Must admit that I was worried about this off-season and that I didn’t have much confidence in Disco pulling these types of moves off.

He has made me eat my words and I couldn’t be happier.

If you had told me half way through last season that first of all that the likes of Jake Stringer, Devon Smith and Adam Saad would come out and nominate us and then actually get all of those deals across the line AND keep our 2018 First Round pick and also still have a second rounder, I’d have laughed at you and told you to give me some of what you were smoking.

Well done Disco, faith has been restored!

Thanks mate!


and not have to trade any of our players to do it


Yes, this as well.


In the latest Bomber TV video Adrian says “yeah that’s a really good question”. Too much time with Woosh.


Too much emotion


We Need The Club To Build a Statue Of Jackets With 1 Jacket On and 1 In Each Hand In Front Of The Entrance To The Club


Long time reader of blitz, first time poster on the new site!

Dodoro and the recruiting team have been outstanding over the last couple of years and especially this trade period.

If Stringer can reach his best again picks 25 & 30 is daylight robbery.

Finally we are a destination club again, securing our 3 targets this year will help us secure a big bodied midfielder next trade period.

Dodoro = Godoro.


Hopefully we won’t need to go out and sign a big-bodied midfielder next year. Let’s see how the young guys and new guys go first.

We might need to start looking at Hooker/Hurley successors.


Solid avatar.


Some quality communication specialisting there. We also gave up a third rounder, ya moron.


Haha thanks. I liked how Stringer borrowed Dodoros sun glasses for the photo.


Did they let the public choose again???

The AFL are going to be very upset about this.



Yes, we basically gave up pick 11, 30 and a third rounder for Stringer, Smith and Saad.



But a bad lifestyle choice.



I have been lurking around the forums for a long long time. Now working in an office 5 days a week I need something to keep me busy haha. Blitz kept me half-sane throughout the saga.