Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


Blitz is actually detrimental to my sanity…


Another thing, besides the quality of Saad and Smith, is that we now have two boys from GWS and GC that can vouch for the club when we look to poach more players from those respective clubs.

Can’t be underestimated.


this face when he next bumps into @Franky_Dunell


Tom Lynch come on down


Would be a handy depth player in our forward line


Now that our first pick is 48…

…I would love to hear Dodoro and his team speak about the pointy end of the draft…

…like who was around the mark for our pick 11.


We had Edwards, Aylett and Stewart from GWS


Smith got more cred.





Ok, The Packages’s first post critique.

Friendly. Well written, structured sentences and paragraphs with punctuation, gramma and correct spelling. Nice play on words in the last sentence also. Clever avatar with appropriate photoshopping.

Hmm…no reference to “Fark Carlton”.
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Never doubt the package. Been lurking around long enough to know the drill :wink:

I was even around when Pazza took on that fireball. Amazing really :open_mouth:


Fair enough, just a warning then!

Welcome bud!


Have we gone over this image with a fine toothed comb yet?


No longer at EFC


Well that didn’t last long :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s scouting at a Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne game.


That’s what happens when you have clear air


Pick 54 isn’t worth much.




The most likely kids that would have fit our needs around the 11 mark were Angus Brayshaw and Charlie Constable. No chance they get to us.