Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


… who ever they get they’ll be very surprised they were still available.


He looks like he’s halfway through the cricket ball joke:

What have you got if you’ve got a cricket ball in this hand and a cricket ball in that hand?
A ■■■■■■ big cricket.


Not before their tragic accidents, anyway.


Without doubt the best trade period we have had since sheeds brained Freo in 95


Comes from a good family


That wouldn’t happen to be HOT CHIPS he’s eating??



Got such a thick head of hair. He’s how I picture bomb doe looks like, thinner version.


In all seriousness, they’ll have a list of guys they reckon will go from 30 on, and go for guys who haven’t been picked up yet.

And hopefully they ignore the BigFooty phantom drafts. There are always guys rated top 20 who either miss out, or get rookied in the 3rd round.


Ben brown was that bigfooty favourite for about 2-3 years before he got picked.


I’ll bow to your superior knowledge of BigFooty.


Saw this on BF when I was trying to find Bulldogs members threatening to microwave their memberships.


Does he approve of the MCG chips? That is the question.


McCartney is use to having speccies taken on him.


Ahahah! Brilliant


McCartney grew up as a fanatical Bomber fan, living in our Wimmera zone.

I remember the photo of his bedroom before Collingwood drafted him.

Drew Petrie and Aussie Jones were the same.



Draft master
Trade wizard
Hot Chip reporter

This mans powers have no bounds.

Next he’ll be doing RadioDodoro @DJR



Gordon’s head should be on Grumpy Fat Girl.


What is this ‘gramma’ you speak of?





Interesting that the public viewed EFC as the overwhelming winner of trade week, but rated Port Adelaide’s trades the equal of ours. In their wildest dreams they might consider they got close, but we bolted this year’s trade win in, in a canter by the length of the Flemington straight.