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I’d say Port probably beat us. We both had an amazing trade week. Unfortunately so did fark Carlton. Fark you Carlton.





I like to challenge you on this and encourage you to become more lid off :wink:

Port Adelaide got Free Agents and players around 27/28 (without checking). These players would cost big coin and if they play 220 games of football between them for Port Adelaide I’d be surprised and that would be a good result. Then that entire clubs and list is gonna hit a BIG Cliff.

We gave up more for our 3 guys but on balance I think they are slightly better (Rockliff is a very good player that balances things) as a collective and have a lot more upside.

However, the major kicker is I would hope we would get 400-450 games out of these 3.

It’s like comparing the Judd and Kennedy trade and saying who did better ithout considering the extra 300 goals Kennedy will kick when Judd has hang up his boots. Clearly West Coast is the winner. Irrespective of Judd’s brilliance. Weight of games played is significant.


I consider that we by far won the week. Primarily because we clearly had a strategy, were able to adjust to change, and got 3 instant first 18 players for the summary impact of exiting rounds one and two in a “weak” draft. We didn’t lose a first 18 starter. Furthermore it is still possible that we draft someone we rated as a second rounder due to the even and subjective assessment of the talent pool this year.

In my opinion, the other clubs took advantage of opportunities, but many of them lost someone from their best team, and their actions only became enabled after we succeeded in our plan.


That’s all true, butt they’ll also have a first round draftee to add to that group. And I really rate Watts. Would have loved to add him to our haul for GWS’s 2018 second. The bigger downer for them was losing Trengove, Lobbe and Young.

I’m also aware that there risks for us around both Smith and Stringer, which Blitz is tending to glos over. But we didn’t lose anyone, and they’re young. There are also questions on if these guys all solve our problems. Irrespective of not being FA’s they’ll also have cost a chunk of the salary cap.

Please let me be clear. I LOVE our trade period. I wouldn’t change anything (well, unless we could have added Balic and Watts somehow). But I do think Port shaded us.


For what they cost us, they are significantly less risk than a draft pick.

I presume as well you are referencing Smith’s knee and nothing else…

But if you want to talk about risk then you must also acknowledge the risk that many people think Rockliff is a dik like lions did, that Watts is very talented but lacks intensity and motlop continues to play very good games as well as some poor games.


He landed Burger recently too.


Well duh. Part of why I think it was a great set of trades. But people emphasise Ports risks, but downplay ours.

That, and the risk he and Stringer can’t play midfield.

You mean the risks every blitzer adds to every post that references Port? The ones I referred to in my post? Somehow I hadn’t missed them…


Ants, you add heaps to Blitz, and I like debates with you. But you can present as snarky from time to time…

Hasn’t been a part of our conversation…


l don’t rate Watts, never have, a chronic under achiever. l would have been ill had we picked him up. He is the main reason why EFC had a better a trade period than Port. Motlop is at times mercurial, other times he is MIA. His lack of consistency is the second big difference between Port’s trading and ours.


He kicked 4 against us this year :rage: I’ve always rated him in as much as I thought he could become a good to very good player at another club. He has played some high quality football but was never ever going to live up to the No1 draft pick hype. I was hoping we could get him on the cheap 2 years ago but now we would only have room for him as a defender where I believe he’s not best suited.


Definitely not putting him in the top echelon of players or anything. But compared to a pick 30-40 odd in the draft, hell yes. He’s got better disposal than most players in the league (in fact, he’s arguably one of the best kicks into the F50 in the league), a great engine, and has days where he’s a great contested mark (and some where he’s not…). Has had historical issues with body contact and consistency, but much better on the second issue this year. I thought he had a really good year this year until the injury, and his performances up forward and filling in the ruck were critical for Melbourne.

My preferences was to put him on the wing instead of Colyer. Use that engine, ball skill and only has to out-mark guys 10cm shorter than him. Swap speed for aerial ability and beautiful delivery. Put him in a team where he’s 12th fiddle, and I think he’ll be better than most team’s 10-15th players, he was cheap, and Melbourne was picking up part of his salary. And if we did get an injury to Hooker/Stewart, we can plug and play Watts as backup.

Oh well.


One of the key markers holding back Watts has been poor endurance. He struggles to run out games.


Motlop is a Superspud


Port just beat us this trade period by securing Lindsay Thomas.



Yeah I am not a fan of his either. He is a good when he is on, but he isn’t on very often.

Port did well but they picked up their players via free agency and i don’t count that as trading, just free (expensive free I might add) pick ups. From a pure trading perspective we won by a mile.

#1698 reckons Port want Trent McKenzie too.

Lennon and Batchelor delisted by the Tiges.


Jesus, who dont they want?


Francis, apparently.


That’s a concern when you put it that way