Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


Ok prior to 2007 he recruited poorly.

Post then it’s the coaching staff with development plus the saga which has caused where we are today


I wouldn’t let Daniher go for anyone.

Daniher is on the next level up IMO.
Hurley/Hooker/Stringer, easy.


Wouldn’t trade Hurley for Sloane, no matter how angry I am at Hurls at the moment


We have nice players, that show good sportsmanship.
They take care of opposition players. They respect the umpire. They don’t participate in off the ball scuffles. They tackle with the intent to never hurt an opposition player. They get sensitive when a team mate or CEO criticise their performance.

We are a PG rated club, when the rest of the league is competing at an MA rated level.

We are trying to appeal to families and New football fans, by being the least offensive club in the competition.

The f*cking brand. It’s all about the brand.


i wouldn’t do it for sloane but theres a few midfielders i would. i don’t think sloane really helps us, great player that he is.


We’ve sacked 3 or 4 coaches since Dodoro started, gone througg countless assistants, and changed the VFL setup entirely twice, but yeah they probably all changes forced by the evil hand of Disco.


Not for Sloane - or anyone that age. But Hurls is the age group and position we’d be best placed to lose. 3-4 years of good footy left.


I can only presume the coach gives his opinion on what type of player he needs and its up to Dodoro to identify the best available at our picks

I blame Sheedy, Knights, Hirdy and Woosha for advising Dodoro to pick guys who are average mids who might become forwards and average forwards who might become mids ie. Laverde, Langford, Francis, Begley, Jerrett etc etc…and that’s just post Knights era

If this was the case then the man has nailed it


Huh? Comprehension fail much? My point is that the day Dodoro took over from Judkins we were a club who had drafted well & developed well. We were on the verge of a near flawless season. Right at that point you can’t say the coaching & development were problems, so what changed? Why did we stop getting young talent force their way into the team? Did we not have the same or at least very similar coaching & development structure for Dodoro’s draftees? If you believe that he drafted well but it was purely a coaching & development problem then what exactly changed after 1999 in those areas? We developed Judkins’ draftees but not Dodoro’s - why? Collingwood went from the bottom to a GF in 3 years with most of that side Judkins draftees- he also drafted a lot of their 2010 premiership side, doesn’t that suggest he was better at identifying talent than Dodoro?

What you’re written is pretty much the same as what I’ve said numerous times - we’ve changed everything except Dodoro so simple process of elimination would suggest he’s at the absolute least, part of the problem.


Blah blah blah


The thing about recruiting is that the most recent drafts are overrated by football departments and fans alike. Players are all potential champions until they prove otherwise.

Some may say that our recent drafting has been good, but the fact is we won’t know for a few years. So a recruiter should be judged on his body of work rather than most recent selections. Over more than a decade only a couple of clubs have averaged fewer wins, and those clubs have at times pushed deep into finals. Our finals drought stands alone amongst all teams.

Our recruiting has been close to the worst in the league for over a decade. Any argument that Disco has done a good job does not meet any logical test I can think of.


Peter Jackson


Geez the 2010 and 2011 drafts really make for ugly reading.

Imagine Seb Ross, Lachy Neal, luke Parker and brad Hill running around for us. Instead we plucked the likes of kav, jerret, Steinberg and brown.

Yes yes I know, retrospective drafting blah blah. Regardless there are some common features among the duds we’ve drafted relative to the gems left on the table


The Seb Ross one was a miss for sure, we took KAV! Instead of Tim Watson’s fringing nephew


Kavanagh was highly rated at the time, most draft experts thought we got a steal, was a simailr situation with Myers if you go back and look at Myers old highlights playing for WA you end up with the Homer Simpson quote “why doesn’t mine look like that!”


I honestly don’t think it’s recruiting, it’s the development of the youth where we are falling way short.


Houli, Melksham, Carlisle, Ryder, Jenkins

These guys just picked themselves? Dodoro, the one you’re complaining about picked them.
They are seem to be travelling along nicely.


I could be wrong but think Saints were offering Seb Ross as a part of the trade for Carlilse in hindsight we probably should have taken it Dodoro was only intersted in getting pick 5.


I don’t recall that


Might have been a trade rumour.