Ads on Discourse Blitz


I can scrub one name and rename the other.


Seeing them this morning, got to say, don’t recall seeing them before.


I will keep SCarey going as I don’t want to lose access to those old posts and I will retire SCarey1, but also want to have access to the thousands of posts in that account, so please don’t scrub it.

I will forget about my titles and start dates and just get on with my non elite life, and concentrate on my method on discourse.


I can’t merge the accounts. Like I said, the only option is to just scrub one username and change the other. As for titles I see some people have worked out how to change them but I haven’t looked into how.


That’s okay, I will just get on with it and keep SCarey1 to myself.

Thanks for the excellent new platform. It does a great job and in reality I’m just happy to be on Blitz.


I recently had Adelaide membership ads, and currently getting Luke Hodge memorabilia ads left, right and centre.

I think the Hodge ones might be fake, because he hasn’t got a bandage.


Very courageous to flog his merch on here.


Noonan limps


I was okay with putting up with the ads but the Luke Hodge - The General one has just tipped me over the edge. Any chance of getting rid of them?


I think they’re referring to his bandage when they say 16 decorated seasons


I just got served an ad on blitz for Richmond memberships for 2018.


Stop looking up Richmond in your googling.


Not all the ads on blitz are from retargeting


You would know about the make a donation to Blitz and get no ads policy, given you have been on Blitz 11 years.

Rolo does have expenses.

Or do you just mean the Hodge ones?


If your interests are AFL you’re gonna get AFL ads.


Richmond membership ads I can stomach.

“Milo Yianopolous Live” tho…


I get a few from scantily clad, yet SFW Womens clothing lines. Fair bit of Luke Hidge memorabilia, the General FFS. I actually don’t mind the ads tho. Also had some for SARMS in the saga thread which was kind of nice and appropriate


I have donated but the adssstill keep appearing.




Sorry for my presumption