Advertisements on Bomberblitz

What on earth are you searching to get that ad?

How to stop my wife drinking my beer.


So, no alcohol is turning back the clock.

Can you imagine this? Steal something and the smoke helps you get away. Then all the other people in store start stealing stuff. Smoke detectors go off. Security cameras can’t see the perpetrators.


This one is for all the Patriotic ■■■■ out there.

(Not sure if it’s a typo, or meant to be like that)


…tf is this video ad on blitz?

Ummm, this is kinda making the site NSFW…

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You go on blitz at work?

Only for the last 24 years or so.
It’s kind of a condition of my employment. Wouldn’t take a job where I couldn’t.

THT: the new criminal mastermind!

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You guys need to try this one neat trick!!!

And what did you learn?

I’m assuming this is to fix your two pluggers if you have a blow out?

(Gross, they could’ve cleaned his nails for the ad)

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Only those with big ■■■■■ would understand…

Seen a few of those lately. This one looks sus too

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Very niche market


Neil: Barry we got a click on our ad!
Barry: Where from?
Neil: BomberBlitz!
Barry: Where fans go to die?


Clearly a BomberBlitz member reunion. Pretty sure I can see @wimmera1, @Humble_Minion and myself all in that pick.


Can’t see anyone with a bourbon in their hand, but I have been there…


For those that don’t get ads.

They’re getting bigger (need to scroll a full phone screen) some a little racy, and many of them now have videos. This one was a bit creepy, with this bloke busting out some dips.

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