AFL Charter

A few points stood out to me as already being significantly compromised.




Guiding principles for the Laws of the Game are: 

â– The unique characteristics of the game should be maintained and encouraged.

â– Player health and safety is protected via the Laws of the Game, interpretations and officiating.

â– A priority of the laws, interpretations and officiating is to reward and protect the player who makes winning the ball their primary objective.

â– Australian football at AFL level should be maintained as a physically tough and contested game with appropriate consideration to player health and safety.

â– Players of various sizes, football and athletic ability have an opportunity for success in the game played at the highest level.

â– The direction and movement of the ball is unpredictable and has few restrictions.

â– There are few restrictions on where players can be located across the ground.

â– Continuous and free-flowing football is encouraged ahead of repetitive short passages of play.

â– The Laws of the Game balances offensive and defensive aspects of play, where an attacking style of game is encouraged.


â– Played with an oval-shaped ball.

â– Played on an oval-shaped ground.

â– Has 18 players on the field per team.

â– Is a match consisting of four quarters.

â– Is based on kicking.

â– Permits handpassing, but does not allow the ball to be thrown.

â– Features spectacular high marking and spectacular goals.

â– Features players running at high speed while bouncing the ball.

â– Awards six points for a goal and one point for a behind.

â– At the start of each quarter and after each goal, play is resumed by a ruck contest at a centre bounce or ball-up.

â– When the ball has crossed the boundary line or hits the behind post, play resumes via a throw-in or free kick.

Australian football at AFL level to be maintained as a physically tough and contested game through:

â– Contested possessions.

â– Contested marks.

â– Ruck contests.

â– Tackling.

â– Shepherding and bumping.

â– The physical demands of fast and extended play.

It must be emphasised that all players have a duty of care to fellow participants. Tackling, shepherding, bumping and other contested elements of the game must be conducted within acceptable bounds to protect the health, safety and welfare of players and minimise the risk of injury.



The ball is already thrown on a regular basis and it is condoned by the current holding the ball interpretation.


Ask BJ how tough he thinks it is.