AFL Competition Committee - Essendon Not Required

SUPERSTAR Cat Patrick Dangerfield and Gold Coast co-captain Steven May headline the 12-person panel on the newly formed Competition Committee.

Club presidents Colin Carter (Geelong), Eddie McGuire (Collingwood) and Peggy O’Neal (Richmond), and CEOs Andrew Fagan (Adelaide), Justin Reeves (Hawthorn) and Andrew Ireland (Sydney) are included in the panel.

Coaches Chris Fagan (Brisbane) and Brad Scott (North Melbourne), and football managers Chris Davies (Port Adelaide) and Craig Vozzo (West Coast) make up the rest of panel.

Carlton, Essendon, Fremantle, Greater Western Sydney, Melbourne, St Kilda and the Western Bulldogs are all not represented.

The Competition Committee was formed to replace the laws of the game committee, the player movement advisory panel and the AFL’s other advisory boards and committees.

Its main responsibilities will be the game itself, player movement and the structure of the competition.

The working model will see projects presented to the Competition Committee, which if endorsed, will be sent to the Commission, which still holds power to make decisions.

Dangerfield was recently named the president of the AFL Players’ Association, which will also have Brett Murphy to speak on its behalf.

More than 40 nominations were received for the new committee.

AFL football operations manager Steve Hocking will chair the group while the League will be represented by commissioner Jason Ball, commercial operations manager Kylie Rogers and AFLW head of football Nicole Livingstone.

Head of competitions and player movement Josh Vanderloo and game analysis manager Patrick Clifton will take part in meetings when necessary.

Hocking said individuals would serve a maximum of three years on the panel.

“The AFL sought to balance representation across all parts of the competition, as well as the many different senior roles within our game – players, coaches, administrators, senior volunteer officials,” Hocking said.

"Representatives will stay on the committee for a maximum of three years and we envisage all clubs getting the opportunity to be represented at some point in the future, to complement the views of players, umpires and coaches.

“There are many people across the industry who can make a strong contribution and this initial group, coupled with those who will then join the committee in time, is to primarily focus on how we advance our game whilst protecting its heritage.”

Competition Committee
Club Presidents: Colin Carter (Geelong), Eddie McGuire (Collingwood), Peggy O’Neal (Richmond)

Club CEOs: Andrew Fagan (Adelaide), Andrew Ireland (Sydney), Justin Reeves (Hawthorn)

Club Coaches: Chris Fagan (Brisbane), Brad Scott (North Melbourne)

Club Football Managers: Chris Davies (Port Adelaide), Craig Vozzo (West Coast)

Current AFL-listed Players: Patrick Dangerfield (AFLPA president), Steven May (Gold Coast captain)

Absolutely no conflicts of interest whatsoever.

Every meeting Brad Scott just talks about the roof at Etihad.


I’m sure this is going to end well

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If it replaces the rules committee, then it can’t be all bad.

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First thing they should do is make a rule outlawing changes to the game…and then sack themselves


Having current players and coaches having a voice on rule changes… my goodness

and one of them a Scott, lol

Geelong manage to get their captain and their president on there.


Diverse you say…


Lolz the committee was formed by the former head of footy at Geelong and apart from those you mentioned their former head of commercial also sits on it. So they have 3/12 and if you count Hocking 4/13.