AFL Draft 2018 Thread


I didn’t remember him at all and had to google. Zero games for us may explain why.


I would like Benfti to play a role with our Tiwi Academy, although it looks like it is going to reap benefits in year to come already.

I think we leave Emma Quayle at GWS a few more years to get experience and build relationships, Bring in Cal Twomey. And add Emma Quayle in a few years.


The Sporting News article is an incredibly simplistic analysis taking where a team is in 2018 as an immutable baseline to build on in 2019, adding and subtracting individual players determining the quantum of the teams rise and fall . Simplistic analyses like that are just a joke. For instance Jake Lever must be an incredible player, because Adelaide dropped from 2nd in the AFL to 12th after he left. Obviously Priddis was a really bad player, as soon as he left, West Coast won a premiership.
Geelong will have the best midfield in the AFL when Ablett comes in in 2018…
The list goes on.
Where is Robert Shaw when you need him ?


aha…tell me more…


What does a full time AFL recruiter earn?

I’d love to give it a go.


Why did the chicken cross the road?
Probably to commit a crime.
It was an immigrant chicken.


Perhaps when all other things are equal, we pick the stablemate when deciding between players we rate about the same

Or it’s a just a statistical quirk


Scouts - not much
List managers etc - much
There’s a zillion scouts, and a few dozen in senior positions


I definitely recall that being the case for Danny Chartres. Gumby’s best mate, we took him in the rookie draft.


Redefines the term ‘stable’ mates.


FARK, the club has delisted the whole ESPORTS team.


not really, its a volatile industry, which a completely antiquated industry like an afl club is not suited to join. teams form, do well, get dropped the next year when the owners realise they’re not making money. players leave teams to go to other teams because they get a marginally better offer because teams pay ■■■■ all.

esports in australia is about 10 years behind europe/usa and about 20 behind korea.


It all started to unravel when Loosh tested the free agency market.

And also when we bothered with any of this steaming pile of faeces.


the true moment it was over was when the club let BT call them ‘gadget type operators’


With the football department cap it’s also now a trade off. Adding more recruitment takes away from another area. That’s not to say that it isn’t potentially an issue but just that if we add more recruiters we’ll have to lose something else.


technically it goes

Tallent ID’ers
List Managers

and its peanuts to well paid


TBH, BT making an utter joke out of them on national TV when contrary to popular opinion E-Sports is actually a big deal was probably the beginning of the end.


I don’t really understand how you come to that conclusion. If they walked out, instead of the club letting them go, then you might have a point. But as it stands I can’t even see one strand in a cable.


Id prefer we had a team full of 18yo South Koreans anyways