AFL Draft 2018 Thread


No wonder they get fark all - they can’t even spell!


10 times more talented though.


At a guess Benfti, how much do you think each roles are on? We only have 4 fulltime people (going by the draft).

Just to clarify… some of those roles, like scouts are part time as well?? Do other clubs employ them full time?


An interesting report from the draft was that some clubs had too many on their box and it became detrimental.


I can’t imagine why it’d ever be necessary or even useful to have a dozen or whatever on your table on draft day. Senior recruiter, list manager, maybe an assistant or deputy? By draft day, you should know where your priorities are and who you’re targeting, and you should have gamed out dozens if different scenarios for when player X slides or players Y and Z unexpectedly go before your pick.

There’s no value in having all your scouts etc there. Their job is information gathering, analysis, and helping to design strategy and present options for the list manager & recruiter to use. If that job isn’t done by draft night, your recruiting department needs to rethink how it does things.


Maybe nowadays a techie to calculate points.


Certainly no need to have a director on your table as Carlton did with Chris Judd.


The blonde was doing all the computer work


Nope. Your recruiting team have tablets. Your tech people can prepare a spreadsheet or basic app ahead of time.

Only people on the table should be the ones actually making decision.


GWS, with 5 picks before we even had one, livr trading, and a handful of academy kids to make calls on, had a lot more balls in the air.

Disco had nowhere near as many balls.


You can’t even run a functional hour-long meeting with 12 people in it, let alone make a single decision within 5 minutes.

If your recruiter and list manager do not have sufficient info to make the call before draft day without having an entire fkg boys choir on their draft table to offer advice, they’ve failed in their jobs.


I see the value in adding extra people into the war room dream team on draft day.
1/ Live auction on B&F night to join Dodoro on draft night, funds go to the Recruiting team end of season trip :slight_smile:
2/ Give work experience kid (or future list manager we may wish to develop) a chance to experience the night, and get everyone coffees.

But Essentially the Head recruiter/list manager should have it under control.

And dont let Dean Wallis near the spreadsheet that calculates the draft points for potential trades.


Oh, I agree totally. Many cooks spoil the broth.

I just think there was more justification for them than most other clubs.


Couple of blokes on a podcast “Lystics” rating our draftees and the

Essendon discussion starts @32.20 finishes @36.00

If you can’t be bothered listening to it, they rate our draft as a C, and say its 3 picks for the future and don’t expect Moz to be buzzing around in the AFL in 2019. Those who have pencilled Moz in our round 1 best 22 are not going to love these guys opinions.


Having worked with non-techie people and models, I think I’d prefer to have someone specifically set there to typing in the players drafted and trades, updating the spreadsheets, and updating the points. They can all then have tablets seeing in real time what each selection has done to any of our pre-draft lists, and what points/trades have done to our picks.


I’ll give it a listen, but don’t see a problem with banking future talent. Our list is primed to compete today, so drafting players that can compete in 3-4 years is actually a good thing. Prevents a drop off as players retire.


To be fair, I think its hard to give our draft much more than a “C”, or give it less than a “C”. Our draft hit the nail on the head as far as types go, but the reality is that the kids we got are so much project types that nobody knows if we hit it out of the park or missed the boat for a few years.

Unless you had seen a lot of all four players and had strong opinions on them I suppose. But even then, it seems more of “has elite traits, has a lot to work on” for all of them.


Also with the picks we had - it would seem pretty hard to get a higher grade than a C.

It’s all hearsay (spelling?) at the moment. I think someone posted here the year we drafted Merrett and Fantasia that was graded a C right after the draft.


Might have dodged a bit of a bullet, if we ever entertained the idea getting Shiel and Scully as a package.

Tom Scully “…remains without a return date – other than wanting to play at some stage next year…” from


Remember that now there is so-called ‘live-trading’.