AFL Draft 2018 Thread


Yeah saw that article.

The pick they used on Scully would probably have been enough to land them Mosquito if they matched our bid.


I love how Sam Walsh plays.

Carlton have themselves an absolute ripper as far as a number 1 pick goes.


Now watch them make an absolute ■■■■ sandwich out of the poor kid. They have form in this regard.


Maybe. I think Sam Walsh will be a special player. Will develop quickly next to Cripps.




Have I missed a season or two of footy?


Worse than hearsay. It’s self congratulatory, self referential wank.
Carlton got the best player, cos he went pick 1. But if they’d gone for someone else, that guy would’ve been the best.
Cos… Carlton said so?

Anyone believing that is a cretin.


My thoughts on that podcast are they didn’t really factor in the condition of the individual club’s list and draft hand.

For example, GWS traded out late picks to move up the order. They have far far more picks than they have list spots. For them quality is more important than quantity, but they were marked down for effectively throwing away late picks.


I’d rather read an article from Caro about the saga than pointless drivel from someone about draft ratings a few weeks after it happened. If these guys are such experts they’d be working for a club.


I question your sanity.


Bulldust. This might be the best draft ever for the club. Loved the approach. Went out there to draft A graders. Mosquito is Rioli, Gown is Tex, Ham is Zaka (with a left), Jok is Goodes. #kidsandpodcasts


I’m a little confused, what do you mean?



That’s why.

Any rating done before any of them have played a game isn’t worth a pinch of poop.

Walsh might be the duddiest dud to ever dud - some kid St Kilda took at pick 109 could be the best player ever.
Al you’re doing by talking about who did well right now is by comparing it to the fantasy drafts.



It could also be written

3 duds inside the top 20, this club cannot seem to lift itself off the floor. Is there an end to this club bottoming out? Is there an end in sight to this club getting high end draft picks and not getting anywhere on the field?


Here is Essendon from the 2013 Draft.



Here it is redrafted in 2017 by Wallace

“Mere onlookers” !!! LOL

2013 re-drafted

  1. Marcus Bontempelli (4)
  2. Zach Merrett (26)
  3. Josh Kelly (2)
  4. Patrick Cripps (13)
  5. Jack Billings (3)
  6. Orazio Fantasia (55)
  7. Rory Lobb (29)
  8. Jayden Hunt (57)
  9. Zak Jones (15)
  10. Matt Crouch (23)


You’d think you’d have to find room for Brown and Sicily in that top ten now.

As for the finding good players at the back end of the draft, Jake Kelly of Adelaide’s 50+ games as a third round rookie pick is pretty, pretty good.


Sicily over Lobb for sure. Everybody hates him, me included but the guy is so ■■■■■■ good.


I think hunt and zak jones would make way first. Lobb would go top 10 if they re-drafted it IMO.


Billings for Crouch the obvious