AFL Draft 2018 Thread


Easily! Matt Crouch should comfortably fit in the top 5.


How the mighty fall. Million Dollar Baby was #1 that year. Currently rated #393 of around 790 players on afl lists


“mere onlookers”…!

Would that be because those farking Rsoles in the AFL stripped us of our top two picks because they needed a scapegoat.

Picking up AA Zerrett and Fantasia at those low picks was a great performance under the worst circumstances.

Whoever the hell Sebastian is, he is a farking idiot!


It is sheer brilliance by Dodoro & recruiting team there to still come away with what we did

Ambrose in rookie draft also IIRC


Probably has a lot to do with the cap.

Maybe they think it’s better to invest in development and coaching staff than recruitment.


Oh, he’s post-draft-rated at #477 out of 582 wannabe journalist media flogs for that year.


I’d imagine Adrian takes up a bit of the cap himself, how else would he maintain his collection of the worlds finest jackets?


A very successful eatery and equally successful property investments?


Surely we could get away with a couple of Jackets as fringe benefits for Adrian, I mean it is protective clothing for the cold weather watching under 18 games and suburban footy.


Dodoro owns a Japanese Restaurant.



Another good ‘war room’ video




Emma Quale will Never happen. Not needed


This stocker dude has a lot of pressure on him now. He’d want to be ■■■■■■ good. Especially if Carlton are ■■■■ again and end up in the bottom couple


They do seem to be stocking up on inside mids. Helps to have a balance.


Another vid


St Kilda videos?
Or just short people on fire?


Amusing as everything they tried bombed!


Easily the worst pressure side in the comp. short of E Curnow, they’re pretty much one way runners.


My belief: The draft is broken by discounts…I’ll demonstrate using Blakey as an example.

So Blakey gets bid for at 10, worth 1395 points.

Sydney are supposed to get a 20% discount, therefore pay 1116 points.

They did this using picks 34+39+40…542+446+429=1421points…and the 305 surplus points turned into pick 48 or something in return.

But where did 34, 39, 40, 48 really end up in the draft order?..I think the answer is something like 38+44+45-51…or in points, 465+362+347-259=915 points…which is a 34% discount on the original bid.

I’m a bit imprecise with all this, but I believe the general gist is true. The discount is much larger than 20%. Teams are trying to leave a huge gap between the bid and the picks that they use to match, because they know those matching picks will suffer slippage as the draft unfolds.

It’s getting to the point where we might as well exclude academy players from the draft. The discount starts rising after the first round anyway, from 20% (though I’ve just dispelled this) towards 100% at pick 56 (in the fairy dust points), due to the minimum discount.