AFL Fantasy Blitz Draft League (First of many?)

Footy is just around the corner and the excitement with AFL Fantasy starts getting into overdrive

For those struggling to get into leagues with no mates interested in this stuff etc, would think this would be the perfect opportunity and have it hopefully as a staple every year for Blitzers (not sure why there isn’t one already aside from Keepers League!)

Happy to setup a free and cash draft league based on interest (I would imagine more would put hand up for free to play), so suggesting something like this:

This would be played on AFL Fantasy site

Free to Play - 10-16 players, Random draft order, Snake draft, 3/4/1/3/4 format, no captains, emergency on
Cash Prize - 10-12 players 20$ entry (?), Random draft order, Snake draft, 5/7/1/5/4 format, no captains, emergency on

Prizes for - Most points, Top of Ladder and Premiership (maybe the prize can go to a charity of the winners choosing?)

Open to any suggestions and anyone willing to help setting up the leagues

**Mods feel free to move this after the seasons started, just wanted a bit of exposure to the masses as the Fantasy thread is a bit bare