AFL Feedback Thread

The AFL always seems keen to hear about how they’re perceived, so why not take the opportunity to tell them?
Forget about your annual surveys, here you can tell them straight out how you think they’re performing.

Here’s what I think.
I answered a survey last year on how to describe the AFL in three words. I answered, Corrupt, Corrupt, Corrupt.
I wish they’d give me four words this year.

As a fan, in my opinion, everything about the administration of this code is corrupt.
Everything you do is about public perception.

You give a slap on the wrist to a premium player at a premium club who just happens to punch a couple of blokes in the head a couple of times per year, every year, because the AFL needs this guy to play.

You rig the draw so a team you don’t like plays the reigning premier twice in thirteen weeks.

You employ over a hundred yes-men, and wave the big stick of accreditation over those you don’t have in your pocket. But let’s be honest, you have all of the media (apart from one or two rogues) in your pocket.

You don’t care about any player in the league. At the moment it’s Essendon players, but no-one is inexpendable. You’ll protect about any sort of law-breaker; O’Laughlin, or Milne if you can get away with it. You’ll crucify Tuck and glorify Bennell over the same offence if it suits you. You’re not about morality at any level.
You don’t care about any sort of law, or rule.
1.6 means you can punish a child far more harshly than the Collingwood President. Never mind that the child had an audience of,what…ten people?

You are corrupt to your very bones.
Kate Lundy, Andrew Demetriou and Hamish Mclaughlin?
How very cozy.
Tell me the AFL has no conflict of interest there. Go on. Tell me.

Tell me why Tippett was suspended, and Adelaide was sanctioned, but the other party to that particular deal didn’t get so much as a please explain.
Tell me where Tippett is playing now.

You cheat. You lie.
If you had any sense of shame you would resign en masse.
I do not trust anything that comes from you as decent or sincere. Nothing.

You have made our game worse and continue to makes our game worse with every passing day.

I don’t believe you and I don’t trust you.


Why would Gillon, an impartial person, make a comment about what Henderson did at the Bloos? After all he is not the first player to announce and ask for a trade before the end of the season has been announced.

I wonder who Gillon’s boss is?

Of course it is perfectly fine for a coach to say to a senior player 3 weeks out from the end pf the season that you won’t be playing for our club again. It is only bad when a player says it.

Another cracking Friday night contest. AFL is awesome this year, hardly any ten goal floggings.

Why would Gillon, an impartial person, make a comment about what Henderson did at the Bloos? After all he is not the first player to announce and ask for a trade before the end of the season has been announced.

I wonder who Gillon’s boss is?

Of course it is perfectly fine for a coach to say to a senior player 3 weeks out from the end pf the season that you won’t be playing for our club again. It is only bad when a player says it.

Apparently he didn’t even say it. His mum sorted Gillem out in the paper today- the cockwobble(Gillem) left out the bits that didn’t suit his agenda!

I laugh with delight when I hear of lower crowd numbers. I hope the AFL hears that.

Get rid of the f***ing distracting, flashing advertising around the ground.

Mmm, maybe more entertaining than the footy.

As you were.

This thread should go well…

it already is


The equation is simple in my opinion, professionalism has destroyed the soul of football. Not to say that things weren’t corrupt before (hello Carlton bribery grand final victory back in the 30’s or whenever it was), but money trumps all. The more money that’s at stake, the more people are willing to corrupt processes. The corruption exists in order to portray a certain image to the general public (aka brainwasahed nuffies and sheep) and more importantly to sponsors. It’s the sponsors along with TV rights that mean the big carnts like Demetriou and McFuckwitlan get to make a really good living, despite the fact they’re corrupt.

Further to this, this extra money means the league constantly places pressure on the players to deliver a product that just keeps improving, hence you see ■■■■ like constantly making the game faster. Players are not machines, they’re men, so then the public wonder why atheltes take PED’s. They want to retain their employment.

Wim’s post is spot on. The league does not care about recreational or illicit drugs. They couldn’t care less if players were off their face constantly, or if they were drug addicts, or if they took so many PED’s that they caused themselves major health issues. All they care about is that the players deliver this ridiculously high standard of football, and that the public knows nothing. Why? So we keep pumping money into the sport, so there incentive is there for TV rights and sponsors due to having such a money making product.

Alas, we are in Australia and we’re not corrupt. Only European soccer is corrupt because, you know Italians, Spaniards and Russians. We are too good for fixed matches and widespread doping problems. The media constantly shove this ideal down our throat. Does anyone remember when Cyclist Mick Rogers tested positive to Clen? Oh nothing is proven yet they said, whilst they continued to hang EFC out to dry with it’s ZERO positive tests after being target tested! Rogers is Aussie, so therefore no way in hell he intentionally doped. The AFL has been a great beneficiary of this stupid mindset unfortunately. They fix matches, they influence results. Sydney has free reign because an Aussie Rules downfall up there would mean significant loss in revenue.

Finally I think you could argue the fact that the AFL market the sport as “AFL in QLD and NSW” just demonstrates that they own the sport of football. How can you play “AFL” if you’re not actually in the AFL? Why the fark would Football Victoria change it’s name to “AFL Victoria”? It’s all marketing for that extra dollar.

All sport runs like this, people need to start realising this and stop following. Go and play instead, you’ll get more out of it.

I got an e-mail from Essington asking how much I enjoyed the ‘game day’ experience

I got woken up early by the dog barking, after a large-ish 40th the night before. Took me an hour to get in and 15 minutes to find a parking spot because they keep changing the parking limits around Stanley St. After waiting 14 minutes for the 1 guy in the bratwurst stand to make my lunch I spilt mustard on my trousers.
And then sat down to watch us get beaten by 21 brazilion.

Yeah, tip-top. 10/10.

The only criticism I have about Wim’s assessment, is that it is too generous towards the AFL administration.

I’d add…

And whenever you need club officials to back up your hypocritical claptrap, you either go to a coach or president who either is dependent upon AFL largesse, or someone who’s just been given a massive favour by the AFL. when you wanted a respected football figure, not a thug like Clarkson or a buffoon like Koch but someone like Brian Cook, to talk out against Essendon, then just promise Geelong a Kardinia Park final.

And when you make a stupid rule such that 18 premiership points guarantees a priority pick, don’t deny to the back teeth that tanking exists because that would endanger the gazillions you rake in from betting companies. And when a Carlton coach admits it, just ignore it.

And don’t talk about Gieschen or Demetriou! Baghdad Bob of Iraq War fame would have watched their bald-faced lies, and just said “I dips me lid, you guys are too good for me”

I’m assuming you guys get those surveys from Gil at The AFL too.

It’s ‘entertainment’ not sport.

Here’s some legit feedback: this week’s “match day experience”, with most of the music and ads and gimmicks tuned down, was so much more pleasant.

My feedback is that you must have really hated it, and hate us given what we’ll get back next week.

I absolutely loathe the AFL. I think they are a typical boys club, and I hate the whole concept of boys clubs. They pander to women with their breast cancer days, and mothers day events ad nauseum, but at their core they are bully boys.
Their sole concern is money, and the creation of as much money as they can gather because at the end of the day they all get bonuses. They therefore have a completely vested interest in the outcome of each TV rights round.
They are not the least interested in whether the TV channels show the product (as they insist on calling matches) because once they have paid they have paid. And it is of no further interest to them,
They have zero real interest in whether people go to the football or not, spectators are merely an inconvenience. Probably be much easier for the networks to just draw everyone in. Easier and the pseudo crowd could do what the AFL wanted.
They have no interest in the game itself, its history or its legacy, they are solely interested in whether it makes money. They wanted the game faster, now they try to slow it down, they have no thought for the future, only for the here and now.
They want was is best for the AFL commission and executives, they have completely lost sight of what is good for the game. They have NO idea.
They have presided over one of the most appalling abrogation of rights of any team in their history, have single handedly attempted to destroy the reputation of one of the legends of the game, yet look around as if to say “not us we didnt do it.”
From the moment Vlad signed up to the WADA code, at the last minute, with presumably scant attention to what it meant; to the present time, they have completely dropped the ball. They have dropped the ball on doping, banned substances, occupational health and safety of players, privacy, the game, the bump, holding the ball, in fact it is difficult to find one thing the AFL has actually done well.
They are an organisation that fulfills the criteria of having reached their use by date, completely outgrown their usefulness, and become bigger than the game they are supposed to serve, the organisational equivalent of the Peter Principle.
They need root and branch reform.

When the love of power takes over from the power of love everything suffer from no joy.

Thank you all at AFL House and the AFL Commission for ruining the game of AFL and trashing something which was one of the finest traditions in AFL Football -The Essendon Football Club. Evil is as evil does.

we need a delorean.

Oh I like this thread.

Out of curiosity - have any official attendance and TV ratings figures being released for 2015? From recollection 2014 was down and I wonder if the trend will continue? Flogging one of the highest supported teams in the league will impact your precious attendances and TV ratings - no didn’t think that would happen? Notice that we only got 2 Friday night games against the tin rattlers? Hmmm no conspiracy.

Oh and thanks Gill - saving a buck on a ■■■■ hot dog and chips will fix all the afl woes. Imbecile of the highest order.