AFL Finals Rnd2 - EFC Free Zone

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Who cares.

VFL prelims is where it’s at


Only one ■■■■ is given now on the afl. That Collingwood do not win the flag. Otherwise burn it down, don’t give a ■■■■. Follow the VFL.


Heading to the game tomorrow night. MCC are predicting 55k. They’re usually very close to the mark. Not the best for a final at the G.

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It’s a ok crowd given the home fans already got to watch them live last week and lost and theyre playing an interstate team.


Ballpark may have a few unsold tickets.



Just over 44 hours till the only game in town* this weekend!

*that matters

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I cannot wait to go out for breakfast tomorrow if Geelong are sent home in straight sets. There is no sweeter sound in the air than the emptiness in Pakington St the morning after Geelong loses its last game of the season

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West Coast can get ■■■■■■. Geeeeeeeeelong

Ex girlfriend of many years back ran a pizza shop in Geelong always said it was 80% less business when the cats lost

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The girlfriend or the pizza shop?


I reckon the Cats are that fkd we would beat them on the G tonight

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I hope West Coast massacre Geelong and then they’re forced to replay the game due to a technicality and then they massacre them again


West Coast are ■■■■■ and all but the Chris Scott meltdown after straight sets “home” losses will amazing

Who will he blame this time?


I am still hoping West Coast get suspended for the season after finding all the club was on PEDs and we go through to tonights clash, all the guys still having mad monday turn up half ■■■■■■ and smash Geelong.

Geelong deserved home games


Can’t blame the roof.

Oh, that’s his ■■■■■■■■ brother.

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