AFL Finals Rnd2 - EFC Free Zone

I take it you weren’t around for the 89 debacle?

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I want him to bite his face off then chuck it at fat Ed sitting on Level 2.


Eat a big bag of ‘em, Bears!


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So ■■■■ id forgotten about it

And i was 3

Honestly reckon GWS can’t play Mumford next week.
Sure, play him the week after on Nank or Soldo, but he’ll give away a record number of Frees if matched up on Grundy !

Maybe Tomlinson ?

I adopted the Giants as a second team when I moved up here (to get my fix of live AFL). Starting from scratch they’ve done a great job, and it’s great for the AFL in Sydney.

Would much prefer the Bombers in the prelim though.

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Best it remains forgotten.

Surely GWS win through to the last dance.

Id go spare to make 3 in 4 years and not win one.

Hopefully Mummy powerslams Grundy into the ground and gives him one almighty concussion - take one for the team mumford.

Win Win

What’s your second option? I’m sure it will do.

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Still talking about Hodge.


Heath Shaw kicking the winning goal from 60m out after the siren thanks to a 50m penalty from Pendles and then beating his chest like an ape in front of the Magpie Army


This would finish me

you’d know he’d dive into the cheer squad and Garland Greene Joffas face off.

Definitely different style. It began last year but they’ve gotten better than it.
Adam Kennedy, de Boer, Brent Daniels and Daniel Lloyd all have a clearly defined defensive first roles within the team.
And that’s before you realise they also have Aidan Corr and Taylor both playing lockdown defensive games in their back half while Davis and Haynes go hunting for marking contests.
They have a much better balance than they did when they last made a prelim final.

How on earth are you going to dance inside a cannon?

Essendon is so bad, that we have to resort to going to Collingwood games and barrack for the opposition…



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