AFL Finals Week 3 - eat a bag of ‘em, Pies. Eat a bag

Got flights to Botswana booked for cheap KFC when its a Collingwood vs Richmond Grand Final

*seriously that’s like 7 bucks Australian


Reckon GWS were the team to benefit from the pre finals bye this season

We have to face the fact that … Collingwood v Richmond. This is frightening.

So go GWS and Geelong…


Giants will beat the Pies


Let us pray.


You can get $8 for Cats/Giants win this weekend. $10 on that and it’s Botswana KFC meals for everyone!*

*please KFC responsibly.

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No cheap pepsi at Botswana KFCs as well!

I’m not a Pepsi person but when you add cheap and Botswana, I’m in!

Botswana Blitz

My hatered for that club runs deeper than anyone. GWS is the best of what’s left… Yuck…


Toby Greene is exactly the sort of player we’re missing. Deadset Kent who’s willing to do anything to win. Ultimate competitor. We would Fkg love this bloke in our jumper.


I do not think we will see Toby Green taking any time away from the game because of crowd booing, I think fuels him, he is a hard nut, I would love him in a Bombers jumper, first thing he should do is go through and sort out some of our players.

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This is nearly the worst case scenario for teams still remaining. I hate EVERYONE. Even the least worst option, GWS, I still hate because they are the AFLs love child.

Probably of the four, surprisingly I can actually live with Richmond winning the most - despite the obvious hatred, at least they are a good team who would deserve it. I couldn’t handle Collingwood winning it, particularly after Anzac Day. Geelong would be absolutely awful, fancy having to watch Captain Ducksalot and the worst Scott brother hold up the cup. GWS would be so irrelevant that it would be extremely irritating.


Greene suspended one week

Yesss! And also dammit!

Surprised. Last week’s incident was far worse.

Want Greene to play this week. He’s a massive barometer for them.

Was hoping Cogs might play but he seems unlikely.

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Collingwood kissed on the ■■■■ again


Pissses me off how Fkg lucky these Kents get. Umps cost us two games against them. They fall into the top 4 by virtue of WC getting rolled on their home deck in the last game of the year, fall into a home final against a sputtering minor premier, fall over the line by less than 2 kicks and now cop the team that finishes 6th without their most important player (whilst also missing their captain and midfield clearance machine), basically handed a GF spot likely against another love child who the AFL saw fit to give the 5th easiest fixture with only 5 interstate trips and 7 games at home to finish the season. Make no mistake the AFL wanted a Richmond vs Collingwood grand final. Would make for a financial bonanza for them since ALL finals revenue goes to the AFL. Actually getting more enjoyment out of the VFL, it’s more like what footy used to be before the AFL fkd with it.


What on earth for?