AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, No Idea


So they’re not changing any rules for the real stuff this season. Good


According to Lee Gaskin? “I caught up with (Port Adelaide chief executive) Keith Thomas this morning and they’ve certainly got a couple of senior players playing in their squad.”

So best case scenario is 2 senior players. Lindsay Thomas and Jasper Pittard? Hold me back!


Lee’s awesome.


Lindsay Thomas is a Senior player eh??

Uh huh …


14 players allowed across 2-3 games.

Also, I await the first injury (during the actual season) when someone steps on one of the eight spots they’ll be putting the new goal posts in (and/or the bald patches arising from the stands being moved in for this game only).


Heppell (der, considering captaincy announcement) and Joe D amongst those who won’t play AFLfairyDust.


Has anyone asked Gil what the X stands for?


It’s actually a cross I believe, as that is how it makes everyone feel


I think it’s just roman numeral X


Copying the iPhone X , except he’s gone the opposite and increased the bezel… big time



I assumed there would be full frontal nudity.
But then I assume that about most things.


Xtreme…farking stupidity to be playing this competition at all?


I’m looking forward to it but I’ll watch pretty much anything at the moment.


this is a pisstake… isn’t it?


No way.

No. Way.


I mean, not even Helvetica?

For goodness sake.

Shows how little anyone cares about this rot.


yer same

making a night of it with a few mates. in the spirit of AFLXXXXXXTREME we’ll have a few cones and head down. i’m assuming that’s what the geniuses behind this did before they came up with it.


THREE winners??

This is so rigged, why even bother turning up? At least the afl are honest about who has already won.


Send the VFL team to play this Mickey Mouse game.


I think Adelaide sydney and Melbourne relates to the host city not the club. So if we won it, our trophy would have Melbourne 2018 written on it because we’d be the Melbourne trophy winner.