AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, No Idea


That photo is hilariously bad. :joy:


I REALLY hope that’s a genuine pic, coz it can’t be that terrible but I sincerely want it to be that terrible.


the rumours i heard about gil retiring due to a nose related hip injury may have some legs…

far. out. man.


No multi-ball.



This will show how powerful the AFL is. If journos are truly independent there won’t be one positive story in the press about this crap.


I’ve been campaigning for it for years.


My teenage son doesn’t follow football so is possibly part of the AFL’s target market. So for an independent response I showed him that marketing photo to which he opined, “WTF? That’s wack!”


Attendances up.

TV ratings through the roof.

Profits out of sight.

“Yo guys I’ve got an idea we MUST do this”


There’s really nothing more that can be done to that photo to make it look even more ridiculous than the reality.

except perhaps…


Any chance of getting the sewing machine guy in as well?






I don’t want to be dramatic or overreact, but if any of you watch this garbage you should be rounded up, put in camps and shot



replace x with w and say it. i dare you.


BSD is always watching


Will the Blitz match day thread(s?) have roving entertainment?


Also, if Lets Get Loud is genuinely not our theme song for this I will be extremely disappointed


Come on SMJ, ya gotta make up your mind mate. Either you don’t care or you do care.
Quit your flip flopping.