AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, No Idea


Gil happy the best bits are being showcased. I suppose they left out the bits they didn’t need.


If Gil ran Coke he’d be asking “what if we made something like Pepsi?”


With ZooperDooper on board, does that mean the commentators can dust off the useless “Gone Cold” stat?
Also, it surely means we have to play Begley.
I’ll get me coat…


Sadly, the photo didn’t also include the parachutist or the flare artist… 100% legit.


And I’ll have a look at this as well before I jump to conclusions.

Even if it’s just for the likely car crash factor.

And you will too.


What I want is Apple to sue the AFL for breach of trademark given the way the X is designed!



I’m converted!

Sack Skeeta and bring on this guy. So much full of epic!!!


I didn’t even notice the subliminal Essendon when I posted.



I wasn’t referring to watching the match (though I don’t doubt you will watch it), I was referring to the thread.

And I 100% absolutely will not watch it.


So judging by the guys on the left of the picture will players be allowed to sit on each others shoulders when they’re manning the mark now?

Is this one of the new rules that will be revealed closer to the start of the comp?

Stay tuned folks for more cockamamie ideas and other farkwittery designed to make our once great game the greatest farce ever played on a sporting arena brought to you by the self indulgent [email protected] whose favourite sport is actually Polo.


if fanta or conor play i will not be able to resist. I hate myself


I reckon it doesn’t/won’t matter who plays.

The way people hang on every word of a bluddy training report to get some inkling of how the players are going, if they’ve improved etc, … and the same people won’t watch them actually going about it, executing the same skills, baulks, don.t argues etc that they will in proper games, to see how they are looking??

Phhhfft. I call bullshit.

Regardless of the circus nature of it all, for that reason alone,… you watch.


My daughter wants to go to see the giant football and circus acts.


AFL missed a golden opportunity to launch this initiative with the respect it deserves:

Flash mob
Jennifer Lopez track


I’m guessing on Feb 16, at about 8:15 pm, this:


I’m a Bomb Doe meme! I’ve officially made it!



Could have Ramsay Bolton presenting the trophies?


So on the same day that AFL launch AFLX with all its stupid theatrics and many thousands (if not millions) of dollars spent a 132 year old club the Burnie Dockers has had to pull out of the Tas State League. This is the club that had players like Daryl Baldock, Matthew Richardson and the Benny and Michael Gale.

Burnie pulling out comes after Devenport have also had to pull out.

Well Done AFL. Glad to see you are looking after grass roots footy. Well done.