AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, No Idea


So there will be several interchange players that only play ten minutes of footy. Sick!


Which is why the “Stringer can get fitter by not being involved in your little show and dance” line is actually a bit legit.


They stole that from Dodoro at trade week 2017!



“Let’s see you field a team full of rookies now you smartasses”


Well I was expecting a circus but a bit less fun. So now do I expect even less fun…?


We should play our VFLW team. Maybe this would be showing too much of a disservice to them.


There’s still time to cancel it.


But then they’d have to refund all those ticket sales that amount to tens of dollars!


The AFL never admit they’re wrong


Would rather another year of The Saga than tune into this BS.


I’m really looking forward to the game day thread.


Not sure it’s that level of bad. At least we aren’t on our own this time.


That’s pretty loose use of the word day.


It’s a NO from me.


“Half time” will be a bit different: instead of the usual constant stream of incriminations, there will also be people hanging crap on whatever povo team is filling space between our games. And the whole concept. And the “entertainment”.


A gallery of just some of the things that can’t make north or st kilda interesting.


Adelaide must be bracing for a massive influx of supporters. All those Weagle, Docker, Pie and Cat fans coming from interstate for the AFLX… going to be carnage…


The rest of the world has enough problems without adding AFLX.


I just really really really hope it fails


Unfortunately it can’t fail, no matter how rubbish it is Gill will tell us that they "struck the right balance"or some such corporate double speak.