AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, No Idea



Haha, the memories


Tell you what, upgrade that to 480p SD, sub out Coke for “gamble responsibly” and you could fool at least half of the general population in that being a preview for AFLX


Zaka is unveilved as the AFLX Captain, with Skippy the Coach.

Hey Zaka, are you happy you got picked the Captain of the AFLX team?


Zaka asks Skippy to demonstrate those “Jazz Hands” again.


Have been a massive skeptic of this and must say at first I had no interest in the SANFL version called “Fast Football” also but went along to Norwood oval this arvo and must say my views have changed somewhat. Was quite good to watch and don’t know how much different to the AFLX the rules are but this was very easy to follow and understand.
Enjoyable day so far and seeing all 3 Wilson brothers light up the game for Norwood was pretty special. Anyhow we are throughto the Semis tonight


How do you make it anything but a marketing gimmick? Once-a-year novelty aside, no one will go to a 20 minute game or to something longer than a normal game of footy where your team barely features.


That’s the bit I really don’t get., … and maybe why I keep reading 10 minute Qtrs everywhere, … because no one else can believe it would be that short either.

A 40 min game makes much more sense right?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They’re playing 7 games on each night. You’re not getting 280 minutes of action plus a similar amount of padding between/during games!

If they did what you suggest… yeah, fark a 40 minute game too. Especially given so many people already fail to get into the ground by the start of a game!


I saw a little fast footy on YouTube last night.

I think I’d prefer AFLX.


Just got email with a Members Offer to buy $10 tickets (RRP $15)



Same. They’d have to pay me to watch it.


will be seeing you post in the match thread then.


WTF is Zooper Dooper?


Ice blocks


Ta. Must be money in it for them to sponsor this.


They are a flavoured ice confectionary mix that come in 8 cosmic flavours or 6 magic flavours.

They can be found in supermarkets (and some convenience stores) by the ice cream cones
and chocolate toppings.

Apparently the tricky bit is trying to figure out which colour Zooper Dooper to enjoy.




An ingenious method of tricking little kids into cutting the sides of their mouths, to make their smiles bigger.


My young fella likes them all except bubblegum


Can you return him then?