AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, No Idea


Sugar. Kids in the crowd going to be like


I swear she says “da fark?” At the end there


I’ve needed icy treats lately and have deliberately passed on the Zooper Doopers because of their sponsoring this rubbish.

$10 a ticket eh? Must be having trouble selling them.


Next phase will be 2 for 1 sale.


Schools will be given free tickets to hand out to kids.


Oh so now heaps of you have converted to the “I hate this sh/t” pov? Welcome my friends, welcome


How can you entertain such fairweather haters?


Anyone seen the eagles squad? All absolute no names. Liam Duggan the most experienced. I seriously hope we follow suit


Noonans IBS would still have trouble digesting them.


I still cant believe they’re charging people to attend.


“Captains approach…ok - heads or tails?”
“Tails it is! You win”

Now for our next AFLX Extravaganza…

"Captains approach…


I can see it now in my inbox. “DAVID ZAHARAKIS SIGNED AFLX GAME BALL, ONLY $999.”


Lol, they can expect a please explain


Most of them are getting please explains, surely. One team names 14 players, one 15, two 18, one 19 and one 20.


Can we name less than that? Like one? Send Jackson Merrett out by himself? Good chance for a ‘breakout game’?


Will be a free against us at the start of each half, as you need to have two players in each forty-metre-arc. Maybe name Francis, Colyer, and Laverde as well, and they go to the bench after the bounce?


That works. Mitch Brown can take the ruck and then also run to the bench. (Assuming there is a ruck contest, I have nfi)


As far as I can tell (because the AFL haven’t finished/published the rules), there’s no requirement to have any players between the arcs at the bounce.

Also, harsh on Brown there. He’s a winner.


Well I wasn’t going to send Draper. And Lavenders dad would be annoyed if I sent him.


McKernan? NLM?