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Sure is an active thread for a concept where the majority wouldn’t watch if they were paid


Yep, all power to them - they should be applauded for it. Wish we’d do the same.

Pre-seasons are to train players to win premierships, not risk injury in some Mickey Mouse circus the AwFuL has rammed down our (and the clubs’) throats, and which precisely nobody asked for.

This nonsense has absolutely fark-all to do with fark-all and should be treated with the contempt it deserves.


Fyfe now withdrawn from the Freo side.


There’s a shock. Awful got their stars named for all headline


Lol. Freo saw the other squads and said fark this


Replaced by a guy with a name that sounds like they found him on the street.


Any chance we could give Crow another run on Friday?


Only in the Final.


I am furious at this thing that hasn’t even happened yet.


I’m not furious, but I am kind of annoyed that we don’t get a third practice match because of this…this.
The third one was always the almost serious one.


I know this is sarcasm but I’ll still take it


Well, technically it’s the first one we are missing, so we’ll still get the serious one.

The first game of pre season is usually where one team picks a strong team, and one team picks nothing but kids, and the margin is over 100 points.


Understood, but I still prefer three.
And I certainly don’t mind seeing draftees get a run, regardless of the result.


I thought clubs had indicated they were happy to cut back to 2? I thought that decision was made independent of the addition of AFLX. But I could be wrong


Well, bugger.
That kind of surprises me.
I’d have thought most clubs would take all the match practice they could get.


Don’t quote me… i’m too slack to go looking for confirmation and I only have vague recollections.
Hopefully someone like @djr will know for sure


Totally agree with that. I just sorta meant that the first round of the pre season games have rarely been much of a hit-out recently.

Meh, it’s all ‘not proper footy’ at this time of year so it all annoys me until the real stuff starts.


from October 26, 2017, Herald Sun


That guy gets summoned a lot more than @theDJR, and never responds either.