AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, No Idea


Usually what happens is the clubs take 2 out of 3 games semi-serious (in terms of who plays). Depending on their fixture and number of days off between games determines whether they take game 1 or game 2 as the complete zero f’s given game.

My suspicion is that with only 2 games per team, both will be semi-serious. Most players that have had a full pre-season will play between 1.5 and 2 of the practice matches.


As long as Laverde goes nowhere near Colac, I’m happy.

Looking forward to seeing a hit out this week, no matter the rules or format. I’m football deprived.


Are you prepared to take one for the players and run out on Friday :slight_smile:


As I have said many times, you guys have obviously never seen me play football. It would be like a Monty Python sketch.


Sounds perfect for AFLx

Apologies for the boring worn joke.


Apologies for not having any football playing skills whatsoever!


Sooooo many responses…

SMJ will probably be in with the “dead concept” sketch… this X wouldn’t “voom” if you put four million volts through it!

AFL’s response: that’s fine, we’re putting five million volts through it.


Who Ian televising this abomination?


It’s on 7two


Our chief weapon is surprise and fear?



As if we needed another reason not to watch, yet here it is.


This is a good point.




If they’re wanting to showcase this as the new thing then what’s the point of showing it in standard definition on 7TWO where no one will know it’s on?


Because even 7 know it’s a dud. And these are the dudes who show that restaurant show like 30 times a week.


Yep we wouldn’t want to interrupt Better Homes and Gardens this Friday I hear it’s gonna be a big one!


nah 7 has nfi, if they thought it’d succeed big nose basil would be doing it.




Ha, the latest propaganda piece says there must be 3 (not 2) people in each arc at the centre tip-off… i.e. the “rucks” (who aren’t allowed to ruck) will be 20 metres from anyone else. Not sure if it’s a stuff-up or a late rule change.

“It’s also worth noting that the traditional coin toss has been given the flick. Instead teams will start kicking towards the side of the ground that their interchange bench is on, before swapping for the second half.” — do they toss a coin to determine what side their bench is on?

“The pre-game tradition of running through a banner before a game with the club song blaring has also been scrapped.“ — because fark you, that’s why.

“AFLX games won’t count towards a player’s eligibility for life membership. Only premiership season games are taken into consideration and the old format of the pre-season competition where there was a genuine prize or winner at the end of the series.” — at least they hate themselves, too.

“As for what colour the umpires will be wearing, well that remains a mystery.” — I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict something like this in our game versus the Saints: