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As much as I enjoyed that goal, the reaction was embarrassing


They’re trying to force you to actually go to the game. $10 tickets, BT and Brayshaw on the TV.


I heard they’re going to MegaWall the broadcast: roving entertainment for the top three screens, BT roaming on the fourth, the upcoming teams warming up on the fifth, and the game itself on the bottom right screen. Good luck reading the score in low definition.


Isn’t there also commentary live at the ground? (I assume over the PA)




I AM [email protected]!

(and reserve the right to be suitable disappointed if it all turns to shit)


I assume it is going to be loud. But not in a football way loud.

Neon goalposts, DJ duo to light up AFLX
Nat Edwards

NEON goalposts are set to light up AFLX when the three-day tournament begins on Thursday in Adelaide.

Meanwhile, Brisbane DJ duo Mashd N Kutcher will bring some more x-factor to Allianz Stadium with an exhilarating live performance in Sydney on Saturday.

See the AFLX fixture and get your tickets here (we beg you, please buy a ticket, pleeeassseee)

Every time a goal or a Zooper goal is scored in AFLX, the posts will come alive with a number of flashing neon lights.


The concept is similar to the one adopted by T20 cricket, with the stumps and bails lighting up each time a wicket falls.

The LED light strips will be installed at Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide on Wednesday evening on both the front and back of the goal posts.

Once the first tournament is completed, the neon lights will then be transported quickly to Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium in time for Friday night’s action. They will then be brought to Sydney’s Allianz Stadium on Saturday.

The flashing goal posts are just one of a number of concepts the League has introduced for the launch of the inaugural tournament.

Acrobats, fireworks and live music acts are also set to light up the event.

Fresh off their five-month world tour, Mashd N Kutcher are set to perform their new single ‘Need Me’, as well as ‘My Sunshine’, which was recently the No.1 most played track on Australian radio.

On Wednesday, the pair were made honorary Lions after they were presented with Brisbane guernseys by AFLX coach Ben Hudson and defender Tom Cutler.

“We’re thrilled to join in the first AFLX Tournament in Sydney and get fans on their feet on Saturday,” the duo said.

“As Brisbane boys, we’re excited to cheer on the mighty Brisbane Lions in their first hit out of the year.”

The dance and electronic duo have two gold records, and have made waves overseas with their exciting live performances, as well as their infamous video mashups.


Bells and whistles to amuse the ADD cretins who attend.


dear lawd…


Every time i read an article like that i just cringe


AFLx got mad cred.


Yay. DJs.



$50b in revenue and the AFLX can only afford one set of LED posts.




AFLX HQ, Monday morning:


I’m surprised they’re not playing with a mirror football.


Careful Ms Board Member. A throwaway comment like that could end with ‘New Essendon-AFL Stoush’ on the front page of our favourite paper


Article on Herald Scum site.
Clubs, Stars give AFLX The Cold Shoulder.
Behind paywall so it can’t be read.
Quite obvious this was going to happen Gill you ■■■■■■■!


Every time you think this farce can’t get more… farcical…