AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Oh, you weren’t just using it as a fun intellectual exercise…you were being serious?
Then I apologise for being so polite.


Yeah, sorry. i was sure it was a pisstake.


Well I know it is out there, but occasionally something out there is what is needed, given you can’t get fairness from the AFL if it reduces their financial return.

So I thought getting fairness out of doing nothing might have been an idea whose time had come.


Do you remember when we had 15 teams and people were annoyed with the virtual ladder position?


That was a little different, but I take your point.

Lack of immediate gratification could be an issue.

  1. Every club has an affiliated esports team
  2. When 2 teams only have 1 game then their respective esports teams play each other.
  3. Teams who play each other twice carry on as usual.
  4. ■■■■ carlton
  5. Home esports team gets to pick which gaming console to play on.
  6. esports teams will play the most recent version of AFL Live (or whatever the video game version is called) and have to use the same team as the one they represent.
  7. ■■■■ Carlton, again.
  8. For and against, percentage etc count the same as a real match.

Problem solved :smiley::sunglasses:




Well done for giving this matter such careful and creative thought. I don’t know if this is the answer but I appreciate the concept. You should provide us the ladder under your system to show us how it compares to AFL ladder.


Sorry I am colour blind. Yes fair dinkum.


Edited down to all that’s actually required


I like this, but expand it further. Home team chooses what the match will be.

Footy? Basketball? Tekken 3? Kabaddi? Settlers of Catan? Who knows!

How do you work your salary cap? Have a bunch of specialists ready to go, or bank up on all-round stars?

Think of the markets we could reach! Don’t like footy? Well you’re in luck because this Friday night it’s GWS versus Fremantle in showjumping!


the only reason we have a frankenstein fixture is to maximise revenue.

they will never reduce the games played, thats leaving $$$$$ on the table.

If the fixture is changed at all it will be through changed scheduling, not a reduction in the amount of games played.


Showjumping? You’d have to think Horse Longmire would be a fan of this…


Essendon would win by soooooo much if it was boomerang throwing.

Probably because we’d be the only one able to form a full team… except maybe the WA teams?


Thanks Bomb Doe, I would be interested in doing a ladder, but it is a bit of a project and I will need a little time, I will try to get it done for the end of the season. If I get enthusiastic I could set up a spreadsheet for next season and start a thread, which shows how the ladder plays out week to week in 2019.

I have seen a fault in how the virtual games are calculated and would need to make an adjustment.

Rather than swapping the scores around, it would be more meaningful if a percentage for each game against shared opponent (same criteria as before for the opponents) was calculated and these could be averaged out to work out who performed best against the group of shared opponents overall. This would solve the problem of comparing relatively big scoring teams versus teams who emphasised defence.

It sounds complicated, but that would be fairly simple to do.

For interest sake I could potentially compare how the real ladder looked like if I took out the real results and replaced them with virtual ones using the same criteria, to see how close to reality it played out. If it did approximate a real contest, then maybe I’m onto something.


Would open up massively to tanking or manipulation. Imagine carlton playing adelaide knowing that the worse they did the more likely it was for Essendon to lose a virtual game.


Yes I see your point, but it still would be interesting to see if it approximated reality after the event this year.

Perhaps a result which was statistically improbable (more than 2 standard deviations away from the mean) could be disregarded, and used as evidence of tanking and take away more Fark Carlton draft picks.

That would be even better than winning a virtual game.


The only time the VFL/AFL has had a fair fixture was between 1968 and 1990 - They only the seasons when team played eAch OTHER twice - far too much whinging about the fixture.



Wow live pick trading. A disaster waiting to happen. Gold Coast will probably manage to trade away their entire list for a 7th round pick!