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Also two days for the AFL draft if true is just a croc. Why doesn’t AFL just not rename itself the mini NFL. Spreading the draft out over multiple days works in the US because college players are already superstars. Apart from a handful of handened AFL fans no one has a clue about a player outside of the top handful of picks here. So there will be no increased interest by spreading it over 2 days.

It’s also another blatant attempt to ensure that the AFL dominates the sporting landscape every single day of the year.


I don’t understand what the benefit this offers clubs.


A hopeful draftee outside the top 20 will have a two day panic attack. Think about the children!


Dummy. The league makes changes to increase revenue/TV ratings, not to benefit clubs. Come on now.


One night in which only half the clubs get a pick, great, that sure will hold the nation’s attention.

Just more bullshit from these clowns.

Is live pick trading going to involve players? If so, how the hell do they expect them to bash out deals that usually take days if not weeks between several parties in the time available between picks.

More pointless change for purely look over here more exciting changes sake.

Fark off dill


It offers the clubs nothing really. The only reason I think it might be used is if you’re looking for a certain type of player and there is only one left so you might move up to ensure you get that player. What it really does is add to the entertainment value the AFL thinks it can get from the draft.

-Issues I see are can you trade players during the draft? Unlikely so less ways of trading for picks.
-We only allow one year of future picks to be traded so there are few chips to play with.
-Also can a drafted player immediately be on traded?


This exactly.

Again this stinks of too many mouths to feed in the AFL office. We have to be seen to be doing something…


If there is a slider out of the top 10 then maybe it gets interesting then, but i don’t see how running just 10 picks really changes anything tangible


Live pick trading I don’t care one way or the other… 2 days though? gtfo.


There will be ton of people who watch both nights, but oddly enough the afl are more or less admitting, by their standards at least, that picks 11 - whatever are boring, which is why they aren’t on during the first night.

I’ve always wondered why the top 10 was so important, as if they are the only picks of note in a draft.


To be fair, trading/drafting is a 24/7 365 days affair here on BBlitz.


you will all hate and you will watch it and then you will like it.


I bet they haven’t even thought about whether it will be 10 players, or through to whichever team came tenth-last.




“In case of mothers worrying about their children playing this violent sport, break glass.”


The AFL’s motto; “If it aint broke, tinker with it until everyone hates you”


I only have one question.
Is this how they do it in the World Cup?



The World Cup is less corrupt.


And, according to Gill the Dill, runs for only 4 weeks and therefore isn’t a Mickey Mouse competition, unlike AFLX.


I would love to see the scenario where the team with the 10th pick selects a father son or academy player. Their bid is then matched. We then have to wait an entire 24hrs to see who the team who was originally was up take their pick. Talk about suspense… not