AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


The AFL should get OPTUS to stream it.


They also better check SBS don’t have a clash.


So, what actually is live pick trading?


Be funnier if they got POTUS to tweet it.


I like the idea of having the preseason and rookies on the same night, that’s about all I like though.


They’re going to put together another highly paid committee to figure that out.

I mean they know they’re for it, they just haven’t entirely decided what ‘it’ is yet. But they’re sure its gonna be great


It’ll be confusing to all as what I’ve heard is the afl are going to put all recruiters and list managers in a room full of shovels and then tell them to take their pick.


I actually heard that AFL are going to do this but in a circular room and they are going to say to the recruiter to take your pick from the corner.


This is honestly fkn depressing. I’m not joking.


I feel you, man.

I’m so ■■■■■■■ depressed about how corruptly and badly this sport is being administered. It’s a genuine tragedy.


Remember when Fitzpatrick stated that “we are not owners of the game - we are just stewards passing it on to the next generation trying to leave it in a better state than how we received it if anything” or something to that effect?

This is the antithesis of that.




Forgot to mention Crooked Hillary, fake news, CNN and Stormy Daniels.


How many changes can these farkwits cram into one season?

Seriously! The more they fark around with the game the less interested I feel about it anymore.

Sometimes I wish that they deregistered our club in 2013 during the Saga so that I could just completely walk away from it and let these drugfucked morons running the game destroy it without me noticing anymore or giving a fark.


In a report by Jake Niall in the Rage , AFL match fixtures are explained.

  • weighted schedule in which teams that play twice are decided by ladder position , with the 18 teams divided into three groups of six…
    Revenue trumps fairness of an objective of teams playing each other twice in the comp. Tim Worner actually runs the AFL. He wants more goals.

And if Hocking says that the VFL trial of the rules was positive we must take him at his word.
Niall seems to have been given a freer rein with Caro’s departure as his boss.


I want to know what the AFL plans to do to fill the gaps between the action when televising the draft.


They can always go back to setting dwarfs on fire, Demetriou and friends got a good laugh out of it:


You left out witch-hunt,

Or is that which-hunt?


Here we go again. This is just as unfair as the current system. Just wait for 6th to drop to 12th because they get a hard draw, and 10th jump to 4th with an easier draw. There is no way they can make a draw where you only play a small proportion of the comp twice fair.


IIsn’t it fair that teams fluctuate in and out of the eight? When looking at a single season it seems unfair but over a few year period and majority of the comp has had the opportunity to play finals I don’t see that as unfair.