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Acccording to the article, that’s the current system, which will continue next year.


So how often have Sydney, Hawthorn or Geelong fluctuated in and out of the eight over there last decade?


Hasn’t the change been more recent? Look at Bulldogs and Adelaide, if you have a bad season you will miss. Richmond missed after winning 15 the year before, Geelong had a bad season few years ago. Collingwood and North have benefited this year and I think the trend over the next 5 will show more teams fluctuating in and out of finals.


Hows the way Bruce grabs A.D’s wrist and won;t let it go, that was a bit weird.


Bwuce giving Fat Vlad a wristy??

Would have thought that was fairly routine.



Normally Bruce does it orally.


Maybe they could

Scrap the preseason comp 1 practice game that’s it.

Teams play each other once

Larger finals searies (14 teams) top 6 double chance.

Teams who don’t make the finals go in a lottery for top 4 picks.

Post season practice / dev comp for those who don’t make the finals or drop out early rounds. That way the bottom teams could play the kids without fearing tanking etc.

You could even throw in a post season mature aged draft for the bottom 4 teams to get early access to retiring and state league players as top ups.