AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Acccording to the article, that’s the current system, which will continue next year.


So how often have Sydney, Hawthorn or Geelong fluctuated in and out of the eight over there last decade?


Hasn’t the change been more recent? Look at Bulldogs and Adelaide, if you have a bad season you will miss. Richmond missed after winning 15 the year before, Geelong had a bad season few years ago. Collingwood and North have benefited this year and I think the trend over the next 5 will show more teams fluctuating in and out of finals.


Hows the way Bruce grabs A.D’s wrist and won;t let it go, that was a bit weird.


Bwuce giving Fat Vlad a wristy??

Would have thought that was fairly routine.



Normally Bruce does it orally.


Maybe they could

Scrap the preseason comp 1 practice game that’s it.

Teams play each other once

Larger finals searies (14 teams) top 6 double chance.

Teams who don’t make the finals go in a lottery for top 4 picks.

Post season practice / dev comp for those who don’t make the finals or drop out early rounds. That way the bottom teams could play the kids without fearing tanking etc.

You could even throw in a post season mature aged draft for the bottom 4 teams to get early access to retiring and state league players as top ups.




Shouldn’t that read dual brownlow medallist Waleed Aly?
CBF reading it, but no doubt it mentions that Sam Lane QC, Bert Newton, Jane Bunn and Kyle Sandilands have also been sounded out for their thoughts…


That is disturbing.


The world has gone mad


This is what happens when you have an organisation that is not accountable in any real sense to anyone. Absolute joke how this administration treats the great game. Gill should have never got the top job but hey it’s a boys club so let’s not bring in anyone with real though process that might upset the apple cart.


Would prefer him to Steve “let’s form another committee” Hocking, and a lot of their other tame muppets. At least the guy has actual thought processes.


Aly now claiming he was not consulted by the AFL - not formally that is. He bought into it and got privileged access to information denied to the general supporter base through his friendship with Nicole Livingstone. Wonder if any real MSM journos got that access?


I was listening to SEN and they had steve hocking (footy ops boss or some shit) on, and he had an anecdote about how when he applied for the job, or when he first got it, he wanted to make changes to the game to make it play out a certain way etc etc, BUT then he got told that, no he is just a custodian of the sport, and he had to scrap those changes…

how the ■■■■ is what they are doing now acting as a custodian of the sport?

in the same fkg interview he conceeded that a factor for consideration is getting the amount of goals kicked up due to pressures from TV bosses, Dangerfield, the AFL mouthpiece, basically said as much too.

Custodian? No, they are actively removing facets of the game that have existed since basically forever, to get the game to play the way they want, or need it, to play in order to make it as financially successful as possible.

Deliberate out of bounds, a ■■■■ fkg rule, implemented to reduce boundary throwing and speed up the game and score more goals, despite it being a defensive tactic used since the beginning of time.

Deliberate rushed behind, people still dont understand how the rule works and its only implemented to scare players into keeping the ball in, therefore increasing the chances of the opposition scoring a goal when it could have easily been rushed behind, despite it being a legitimate tactic since the beginning of time (yes yes it was brought in initially to curb out that richmond debarcle, but the rule in its current form goes way above and beyond that).

Dropping the ball rule essentially dead, now if you get tackled and the ball touches another part of your body it has ‘spilled out’ and its play on, whereas in the past itd be dropping the ball- again, speed up game to get more goals, despite tackling being an essential part of the sport, a fundamental shift for the worse. In order to get a free kick you basically need to tackle someone while their arms are outstretched trying to handpass/ kick, and the ball has to drop completely out of their posession.

Further, when you do tackle someone 360 degree spinning is no longer HTB, neither is being brought to the ground HTB anymore, so long as you dispose of it. There is less and less incentive to tackle.

Then they want an 18m goal square and a 6-6-6 formation at centre stoppages. 18m goal square to defeat zones, despite zoning being a legitimate tactic, and 6-6-6 formation to solve got knows what issue.

At almost every major rule change, the reason for changing those rules is fkg clear. Its got nothing to do with being a ‘custodian’ of the sport, its the complete fkg opposite, absolute opposite. They are eroding the sport piece by piece to construct a sport that plays out not organically at all, but rather to get a financial outcome.

Then there are rules like the video review that has been implemented in such a bush league manner. The cameras they use are horrible and it feels like a good third of the reviews take too long or are just incorrect.

Charging with the head was a good rule change, if you charge thats your prior and if you dont dispose its a free kick against. That rule was umpired well early on but has fallen off a cliff, the amount of times people duck into a tackle now but they just pay ball up instead of HTB, the rule has changed midseason.

Even the fkg 3rd man rule, in principle i 100% agree with it, let ruckmen be ruckmen, but the implementation has been fkg butchered. Why not just have two people contest the ruck and if a 3rd comes over the top its a free kick against? Nominating is so fkg stupid and just confuses the ■■■■ out of everyone.

As much as I thought demetriou was a twat of the higest fkg magnitude, the game didnt undergo half as many changes as it has under Gill (or so it seems). there was an element of consistency and certainty about how the game would be played, and the format of the season. The game under Gill is like a rudderless ship. There is no certainty. We dont know what we will be getting from one year to the next, whether its the shambolic AFLX or ALFW, to the constant rule changes, as far as the uncertainty about fixturing.

They are custodians of the sport insofar as they are doing their best to ensure the sport is financially viable, but it is far, far to skewed towards financial security over the sanctity of the sport itself.



Unfortunately Shane Warne is an idiot, so I ignore his opinions on everything bar cricket tactics


Good work by Jay Clark there manufacturing something out of nothing.


Easy fix. Explain to the TV bosses what relative scarcity means, and suggest they up their ad prices.

Maybe even do it without calling them fkng idiots like I would do for not identifying the easiest solution immediately.


shane pls. you’re embarrassing yourself.