AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


It’s good to be reminded that they could have good ideas. But they choose not to.

Why, you ask?



So assuming they were to introduce this it would be interesting to see how future picks trading would work. If you miss the finals you might have 2 picks before a finalist gets their first pick. Imagine doing a deal where you swap your second rounder for a first pick and actually end up worse off.

I swear the people working for the AFL aren’t very smart. They must see these issues - mustn’t they? To me the final paragraph sums it all up. Gil is ■■■■ scared that tv revenues are going to fall and is doing everything he can to protect his gravy train to look after himself and all his mates, even if it means completely wrecking what is a great game.


Carlton sucks: let’s redo the draft. Essendon hasn’t won a final since 2004: Essendon’s fault.


P.S. I didn’t change the thread title.


Yes it would in theory but the afl has put the power into the players hands and nobody wants to go to these clubs. Suns won’t break out of perpetual mediocrity through more top end picks, what did they get for Jaeger and Ablett? Picks. What will they get for Lynch leaving? I’ll bet on picks.

It’s not going to encourage top clubs to trade players to bottom teams for picks when two years in those players picked walk out and the bottom teams trade them for unders, like what has happened to Brisbane.

They are addressing the problem all wrong


Agree with that. Lowering the mandatory cap payments would allow clubs to save money and ‘bank’ salary cap space to throw huge sums at targets


Which is already in existence.


What part of lowering the minimum payment didn’t you get?


Teams only have to pay 95% of the cap, so can bank the rest and then pay more than 100% in subsequent years.

Its been in existence for around 3 years.


He knows that.
We all know that.

He wants to lower the minimum payments that everyone knows already exists.


Yeah, lowering it to 80/85% would allow those poor clubs to both save money and stockpile more cap space to attract mature players.

It’s a joke that ■■■■■■ teams have to pay their player the same amount as good teams despite the fact that they are poor players.


I’m sure it used to be lower. I’m convinced it was raised from 92.5 at some point in the last 5 or 10 years


Gill getting Dutton to do him off book favours is just too perfect. Bahahaha


Best ever. They’ll be hauling him before the senate inquiry.

So he calls Dutton’s chief of staff, on behalf of his brother, a different McLachlan. Guess who Duttons chief of staff is? Another McLachlan! Amazing


Just incredible


i’m resigned to the fact that nothing will come of any of this.


Perhaps Gill could lobby the Ministers for Sport and Communications to fix Tiketek


Would love to know why he was so desperate for a French nanny?

And what his wife thinks of said desperation


Savoir faire? Laissez faire? Sang froid? C’est la vie! Ooh-la-la! Non, je ne regrette rien! La vie en rose!


Not for the first time, either.