AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Did anyone actually turn up to the ledgends match - or did they tarp it


Have you ever witnessed a more Teflon coated ar5ehole?

The crap just doesn’t stick to this [email protected]

But don’t worry Gil, Teflon’s great until it get it’s first scratch.


When will the AFL realise that the most effective tool for equalisation is the Cap. If you want teams to improve faster and attract more talent to climb fast then have a lower finish cap allowance.

Bottom 4 get an extra 500,000 and next bottom 4 get and extra 250,000 for next two years. If you’re down again you get it again.

So by now Carlton would have an extra 1.5 million in cap to offer players as first and second year signing bonuses.

It’s a double edged sword, you get better retention and attraction if players. They can use it to target mature players who will help them climb faster.


Didn’t carlton win the spoon despite being way over the cap?


‘Out of touch with the outer’

Don’t reckon Gil would ever have been or will be in touch with the outer.


Way back yes, but the way they manage it these days it would be more effective.

Although no matter what you do you can’t help when a club management screws up massively like FCFC and Saints.


Ok, that’s a good point - though seems a little extreme for these days.
I would prefer if the minimum cap was about half the maximum. The only thing using 95% of the cap does, is ensures that players get paid overs and/or a big gulf between top contracts and the rest.


Hmmm…this should be discussed more, I reckon. Seems to have merit.


Gil thinks an outer is a belly button that sticks out


I hate this idea. It just encourages more movement of big name players. I know the AFL wants that, but I don’t think the average punters do


Maybe. Which I don’t like, but I think it’s better than compromising the draft and having GWS style sitauations where talent gets pooled and then has to be canabalised from cap space. I think we are going to struggle with than in 4-5 years.


Starting to warm to the idea of the wildcard round. This weekend is boring as hell and now being an 18 team competition gives a few more teams a chance to play finals.


Caaarlton should be all over this, it would legitimize the brown paper bag regime they created, and they have plenty of experience paying over the cap.


Can a mod please fix the title gore


So I decided to watch the doco about North Melbourne avoiding the move to the Gold Coast - Keeping North South. The key takeaways just reinforced what I already knew - Fitzpatrick, Demetriou and McLachlan are all of the following:
-in it for themselves
-driven by financial greed
-spoilt children who throw the toys out of their cot when things don’t go there way

It’s so disappointing that the football public has to put up with people like this. There should be a way for genuine grass root football supporters to have a say in things rather than just having absolute tripe delivered to us by these elitist arrogant ■■■■■■.


Hate the very concept.
A place in the finals is something you earn with your performance during the season, not a prize you get in an end of year lucky dip.


Why not simply have a final 18 with the finals played over 26 weeks?

Participation medals for everyone involved.


Worth more than a like. It’s just so disheartening isn’t it. Our wonderful, unique game has been hijacked by this bunch of elitist, self serving crooks.


The AFL commission was set up for the commission to serve the AFL clubs.
That’s gone 180 degrees.


Oh I’m sure they’d let him in if he wore his little foppish hat