AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


The extended goal square Will slow down the game. Knowing that players will use the 18m square will mean that it will take longer to get the ball back into play and allow teams to set up their defence. A strange move.


A good 1 second longer to get the ball back into play. You really think that will make a difference?


This is the only change to the goal square I want.


(Image courtesy of the State Library of Victoria)


And who thinks that every kick out will take advantage of the extra 10 metres or so? I wouldn’t be too surprised if a fair whack still go short to the pocket.


I wonder how far to the side opposition players are going to be kept out.
Because if it’s not much then it might mean less players playing on from the square.


I wonder if they’ll change the definition noting the area beyond the (invisible) lines joining the corners of the goal square to the behind posts, or if they’ll just ignore that until after someone rushes a point or points from 17 metres out to save a game.


Who’ll be the first person to kick over the mark?

there is only one first


First person to do it or the first person to give away a free kick?


give away a free kick


Well that narrows it down to Essendon players.

I’m going to say McKenna


You seem to have a strange grasp of time and the physics. How long do you think it takes to move a ball 9m?




Look, I was going to try and explain this idea I have, but instead - I’ll leave it to my schematic, as a picture paints a thousands words as they say. I think you’ll very quickly see that this addresses some of our major issues with the game, as well as the fixture inequalities, not to mention the value-add to TV.


Good point.
Can a player take his kick of an opposition player or teammate is also in the square?

Not I’ve noticed a quick kick in be taken when the player isn’t in the clear.




Lol at the AFL trotting out stats from trial matches like 15 % increase in scoring and 14% decrease in tackling. I sure wouldn’t be expecting sides to over exert themselves defensively in a ■■■■■ giggles trial match. Stats from the games are meaningless.


They couldn’t be more out of touch with the public. The rule changes will be an absolute circus


If we still had Fletch, he could just about kick a torp from one goal square to the other with these extended “squares” (rectangles).

Geez, I hope the Commission rejects these changes (won’t happen). They are truly farked up.


You know they’ve lost the plot when it’s virtually off season and they’re ■■■■■■■ off the punters more than ever.


Harts could step into that role.