AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


The majority of the public wanted our club on its knees and Hird nailed to a cross.


Pretty sure the AFL was largely to blame for that too…


AFL headquarters is also looking at assisting as many as five clubs in the off-season, but Steve Hocking insists that doesn’t mean all will get priority picks.

“I will say that there’s up to four or five clubs that we need up and firing and winning games,” he said.

“What we want to do is make sure that all 18 clubs have the opportunity to win the premiership.”

Fark this…do a better job with drafting and developing your players, you shouldn’t get rewarded for being a poorly run club. We made our mistakes, got punished for it, but are getting back to ourselves and have had to do it all with no outside help.




The AFL have really ■■■■■■ up now with all these changes being recommended (i’m sure the commission will approve them all).

The footy has been really good to watch recently.


Perhaps, now it will be “the footy HAD been really good to watch lately.”


I don’t think the changes are necessary in the slightest and I don’t think they’ll achieve what the AFL wants them to.

At the same time geez some people are being precious about the idea of the rules changing, as if it hasn’t been a bunch of people making it up as they go along since the very beginning. The Laws Of Australian Football weren’t discovered etched on a meteorite that came to earth wreathed in heavenly fire as a chorus of angels sang Up There Cazaly. Some blokes decided to go kick a ball around and said “actually, how about…” over and over again. Sometimes it made things worse, sometimes it made things better, but the flags still counted and the wins were still good and the losses were still bad.


Is this talk of removing the 50m arc serious? Apparently that flog Hocking made some comment about it.

I think I see it…





I don’t know how the AwFuL consistently do it.
Each time when one of their senior management resigns/is sacked/retires/moves on they manage to replace them with someone who is more noxious than his/her predecessor.
That’s quite a talent!


Are you saying they’re going to do a 6-6-6 system but remove the linemarking that it relies on?


You have a SMG gif for every occasion don’t you?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that



And; to remain working in that toxic environment , is also a talent.


You just posted this just because… didn’t you?


I still think “good ideas” should be removed from the thread title


They arent, it was just a discussion point.

AFL football operations manager Steve Hocking has admitted it would be interesting to see how the game would change if the 50m arc is removed.

The competition committee made their recommendations to the AFL Commission yesterday, with a larger goal square one of the floated ideas.

While abolishing the 50m arc wasn’t a recommendation, Hocking has explained how exploring the idea could have merit.

“Having watched football to the level we have, at all levels throughout the year, there is something really strange that happens around that 50m arc,” Hocking told SEN Breakfast.

“It would be interesting to have that taken out of the game just to see how it changes player’s behaviour.

“There is no doubt players and coaches utilise those lines on the oval, they use them almost for players to actually guide them as to where they need to be on the ground.”


Interesting comments from Hird on his podcast today about the 18m goal square. He reckons teams will be less keen to take shots at goal because of how difficult it will be to defend kickouts. Basically saying don’t be taking a shot at goal unless you are sure you can kick it.


The scoundrels!


The psychology of that is interesting, because presumably there are already quite different kick-in ranges between different teams. If you look at someone like Hurn doing the kick-ins for the eagles vs Johanissen at the dogs or whoever, Hurn probably has a consistent 10m extra on his kicks. Do teams deliberately take fewer difficult shots on goal when they know their opponents have someone with a long kick in their back line?