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Well blow me down


I hate that state league clubs are going to have their best players taken from them.

Do not like mid season draft at all, although this appears a eve of season draft moreso, but still have options at mid way point.

At worst it should be a trade scenario between AFL clubs only. Even that I dislike.

You’ve got enough senior list/rookie list spots. Plan accordingly for injuries to various positions. Tough ■■■■■■■ if you lost a player for the season. Happens to every club at times.




AFL arrogance at it’s finest.

Hopefully some club somewhere refuses to grant clearance.


Under that clause clubs will be able to add a new player to the rookie list between December 1 and March 15

Am I missing something, … HTF is it a mid season draft??


Hate the idea. Once again the AFL treating State Leagues with disdain


Fancy taking the words ‘blow me’ and ‘down’ and making something dodgy out of it

You’re sick Doe. SICK


Because they can ALSO add players at a midway point in the season aswell


That part isn’t referring to the mid-season draft. They didn’t specify a date for the mid-season draft.
There are 2 changes basically.

I don’t particularly like either.
This pre-season one just covers season-ending injuries and retirements during pre-season. But I don’t like the idea of an arbitrary cut-off date…if there has to be a cutoff date, keep it as the rookie draft in November FFS!.

The interesting thing about the mid-season one is that it’s only available to clubs who don’t have a full rookie list. I can’t remember the last season when we didn’t have a full rookie list. I don’t pay attention to other clubs lists that closely, but I thought all clubs (or at least the ones with money) always filled up their rookie lists.
So to take mid-season picks, clubs would have to change strategy and leave a spot open.
So basically they’re weighing up filling up the list and getting development into as many players as possible versus leaving one spot open in case a long term injury happens after 15th March ion a position they have poor depth or a player in a state league jumps out of the ground after 15th March and demands selection.


i like the idea simply because it potentially gives kids who missed out on the draft more opportunity to get on a list.


The mid-season draft doesn’t do that. The mid-season draft doesn’t increase list spots. Clubs have to take one less pick in the November rookie draft to be eligible for the mid-season draft.


i just heard that the SANFL are concerned about it. i still like the idea.


I take it you don’t follow a State league side?
I’d be gutted if at round 10 or whatever a club swooped in and took Grigg, Panos etc from Norwood after they have trained and played all of the start of the season for us. What compensation does a state league club get?
How are they expected to go out mid season and find replacements?


From the AFL site story on it

Should AFL clubs have a list spot available or one is created through a player being placed on the inactive list, they will be able to add a player to their rookie list and select players based on reverse ladder order at a mid-season date to be specified.

That does require players to specifically re-nominate for the mid-season draft.


Of course they are concerned about it, especially with 2 AFL clubs having sides in the SANFL.
Hypothetically what if Norwood are 4th or 5th mid season and the Crows SANFL side is just behind on the ladder. Crows take Grigg off us and then he ends up playing SANFL for them and knocking us out of finals. There would be an absolute riot


That would be very ordinary.
I could certainly see clubs like us leaving one list spot free and signing up half a dozen promising players for the VFL with a view to givingbthe best one a mid season contract


How will they decide the draft order?


just follow Essendon VFL. at the end of the day, every kid on the field wants to be on an AFL list, and i think the state leagues would be thrilled to see their players move on to one too. provided they are well compensated for this, surely they could make it work


mid season ladder positions?


What would the compensation be and who would pay it?