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Norwood and SANFL clubs love it when their players make it to the AFL but their first and foremost priority is winning SANFL flags and having passionate members/supporters to keep the club alive. The day the SANFL turns into a full on feeder comp is the day the comp will fold. There is a reason the SANFL GF gets 40k + crowds and the VFL doesn’t


Follows the model the cricket had with Australia v Australia A. Australia got Paul Reiffel (iirc) out of AUS A to play as 12th man so they didn’t have to face him.


honestly, no idea. im just another blitz nuffie. in theory this sounds good to me provided the state teams dont suffer.


Something similar has happened in the WAFL in the previous two seasons before this one with the Dockers affiliate club, Peel Thunder, winning back to back flags after scraping into the finals and then having AFL quality players pad out their finals squad after playing the minimal required matches of 3 or 4 games to qualify for WAFL finals.

Subiaco, having finished both seasons as minor premiers got smashed in both Grand Finals.

The AFL couldn’t give two shitz about the next rung down in competition. As long as those leagues keep supplying players to prop up their own comp they’ll keep bringing in rules that are only beneficial to their own needs and stuff the concerns of the state leagues.

The whole structure of football around the country has been completely ruined by the AFL’s voracious appetite to dominate the Australian sporting landscape.


So you would have been fine with Fark Carlton taking Hind or HeppA halfway through the season?


How do the Crows and Power fill up their lists? You’re not likely to have 44 players available every week, particularly out of a list of 42 or 43 players.

So maybe they should do it that you can only nominate players out of your own feeder club, whether NEAFL, VFL, WAFL or SANFL. At least it would stop junior clubs being left high and dry.


i wouldnt be, but im sure they would be stoked to be on an AFL list.

weve had several chances to rookie HeppA and we still havent. one year we picked Yestin Eades over him. at this point if Carlton got him before us, its on us.



Port and the Crows SANFL have top up players from country and amateur football leagues. They must meet a certain criteria to qualify as a top up player and when they are not required they are sent back to their local clubs


I like your suggestion. The only potential issue is players will flock to AFL aligned clubs in hope of getting their chance sooner. Also doesn’t make sense for some players to play for NEAFL teams given the lower standard and I assume lower wages.

Perfect solution to all this is to bring back an actual reserves competition for all AFL teams. Then players on the supplementary list or whatever you call it can be called up by AFL team if a space opens up.


I’m still bitter about Australia stealing Australia A’s Paul Reiffel for the final and then not playing him. They knew they were going down without that skullduggery.


Easiest solution is to just expand the AFL list to 50 players

AFL just want some mid-season draft hype



And bring back the old rookie rules where you could only play with an LTI (or retirement).


DJR, you are about 900 posts too late with that. Do try to keep up!


Well, I did say I was STILL bitter…


Privately seething!


Mid season draft seems like a rushed, horrible idea what is prone to be scrapped after a year or two.


Just another day at the AFL office


They don’t seem to have any ideas these days that aren’t rushed and/or horrible.

Which makes me ask again why “good ideas” is part of the thread title.
@theDJR help! I need someone to either point out a good idea the AFL has had or update the thread title. This could drive me crazier than a trade thread before trade week


Up to 12 Thursday night games coming in 2019